Nerdy for The Birdy

How do you like your cookies?

Soft and doughy?

Crispy and crunchy?

Chocolate chipped?


How about having the choice of a cookie that meets any of those delicious categories AND is completely, 100% natural?

Full of flavor, free of…


Refined sugar




and Artificial Ingredients!

And baked with love from one of the cutest couples in Tennessee!

I’ve spoken of Nerdy Birdy Cookies before…and ever since I first discovered them on the opening day of the Clarksville farmer’s market, I’ve been hooked!

I had the awesome privilege of trying all of the flavors deliciously showcased at the market last week. Remember this drool-worthy cookie plate?

Obviously, I couldn’t wait to try the Fudge Brownie…

Don’t judge.

Soft, cakey, light, and fluffy…and still warm from the morning sun! Mmm!

Next up was the Chocolate Chip Cookie…

Nice crispy edges with a doughy soft middle.

And then…then, there was the LEMON!!

I don’t even consider myself a lover of lemon flavored treats, but HOLY FRUIT CAKES! It was like sinking my teeth into a lemon flavored pillow…

A little weird? Nah! 😉

And lastly, the old faithful Maple Almond Butter Cookie which is now BB’s most favorite cookie…he bought THREE yesterday and ate them ALL for breakfast!
Boys…gotta be jealous of love their metabolisms!

Speaking of cookies for breakfast…

Just when I thought the lemon flavor was the cookie of my dreams, a trip to the market  on Saturday morning changed my world forever!

That would be the Butter Pecan Cookie…aka HEAVEN…aka
 “second breakfast”:

And dipped in coffee?

Let’s just say you should probably enjoy in a private place…unless you’re okay with random strangers/family/friends hearing you making “odd” noises 😉

And then, just a nibble of her newest creation:

“Fushia” Velvet Cookie

Made to be like red velvet cake using beet juice for the coloring resulting in more of a “pink” color and drizzled with a lightly sweetened cream cheese icing.

Perfectly sweet, buttery…popcorn?

I swear it tasted JUST like movie theater style popcorn! And just to be sure I wasn’t having some sort of cookie-induced stroke, I had BB take a bite…same verdict!

May not be spot on red velvet, but I’ll take a healthy version of buttery popcorn ANY day!

And this is just ONE of many new cookies to come!

So, wanna know how you guys can get your hands on some out of this world amazing cookies, brownies, and popcorn posing as cookies?

Well, for my local peeps, Nerdy Birdy Cookies can deliver locally within the Clarksville and Fort Campbell area and Sara and her hubby also sell weekly at the
Downtown Market (open 8am-1pm).

As for everyone else, be on the lookout! Custom shipments will SOON be available for out of state residents!

In the meantime, how about hopping on over to the Nerdy Birdy Cookies Facebook page and giving it a like…

You’ll get 25% off your very first order!

You’re welcome! 😉

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