WIAW: Snack Happy!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday, Loves!

Yep, it’s that time of week again! And in honor of it being the last week of our
“Sensible Snacking” theme, I thought I’d throw together a compilation of some of my favorite nibbles that get me through my days…and nights! 😉

Be sure to pop on over to Peas & Crayons and show some support for our hostess with the mostest…and of course drool over all the other link ups!; )

Now, onto the snack montage!

Sometimes, it’s a fruit…

Alone…or paired with some sort of dip, popcorn, or a matching manicure! 😉

Sometimes, it’s a veggie…

Usually eaten a bit untraditionally (whole peppers or raw okra) and again almost ALWAYS paired with some dippage…what can I say, I’m a born dunker!

Sometimes, it comes from a package…

FYI, Jenn was right, these snapea crisps are like TOTAL CRACK!

And occasionally, it’s homemade…

Kalamata Olive Hummus, Pizza Pizza Cashew Cheese Dip, kale chips, and my newest experiment, Lori & Michelle’s juice pulp crackers (so easy, so versatile, SO YUM!)

Sometimes, it’s to fuel me for a workout… 

And sometimes, it’s just a bit indulgent…

Sometimes, it’s an exotic new snack…

That you wish you’d never tried…


And sometimes, it’s a trusted favorite…

Sometimes, it’s a quick on-the-go bar to zap my hunger…

Of course not all are created equal…don’t waste your money on Simple Truth bars!

But then sometimes, it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a cup of something delicious…

And AGAIN with the dipping…hmm, wonder what pulp crackers would taste like dipped in juice! 😉

Sometimes, it gets a little wacky (especially at work at 3am)…

Cucumber BBQ chip sandwich anyone? 😉

And heck sometimes, it’s just whatever’s laying around the house (though I have to warn you, when I’m hungry, that could be ANYTHING)…

Case(S) in point: Tortilla chips, beans, and chow chow (kinda like pickle relish but with cabbage), toast with Vegemite, egg white patty, and ketchup, Wasa crackers with peanut flour pumpkin dip, peanut flour pumpkin dip with SPRINKLES, and puffed wheat cakes schmeared with my favorite almond butter!

 But no matter what the snack, what I choose is ALWAYS what I feel is best for my body…and mind at the time. Sometimes all I want is a cool crisp cucumber dipped in mustard…other times I want to crunch into a bag of Popchips, sometimes, I want to combine the two! 😉

If it’s processed, I look for minimal ingredients and low sugar. And I always try to aim for a good balance of protein and fats to help with the staying power.

But sometimes, well sometimes, you just gotta forget everything, give into that craving and eat the damn ice cream!

Isn’t that right, Janetha?

What is the last delicious snack you had?

The moment to indulge is now…do you go for something creamy and buttery, crispy and crunchy, salty and savory, or covered in chocolate…or how about a mixture of everything…a little sensory overload never killed anybody! 😉

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27 Responses to WIAW: Snack Happy!

  1. Rosalie says:

    Les snacks du jour over here 🙂 : tiny fresh apricots, with the pit’s hollow filled with coconut butter, rice cakes with laughing cow and strawberry jam, roasted golden beets, raw veggies galore (lately it’s been cremini mushrooms with the stems popped out and the cap filled with salsa or avocado or bbq sauce… weird haha).

    P.s. I owe you for introducing me to the deliciousness that is raw okra. It had never occurred to me, for whatever reason, to eat it raw and now I’m obsessed.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Yesssssss! Okra twinnies! Isn’t it awesome? The only time I ever have it cooked now is if the boyfriend is making gumbo…and then of course every time he turns his back, I steal a few! 😉

      LOVE your snack ideas! Especially the hollowed-out, coconut butter filled apricots! Yum! And mushrooms make some of the best snacks…I’ve had them with salsa, but definitely gonna have try with avocado or BBQ sauce! Mmm!

  2. Great WIAW post! Everything looked SO GOOD… especially the icecream. 🙂

  3. Lindsay says:

    You are a snack master. I want to snack with you haha especially some of those sour gummy worms. Sour gummies are my weakness in life. I have to snack on them at small amounts of time because otherwise I just shove them all in my mouth in like 5 minutes.

    I love that combo of pop chips with cucumber. I make mini tacos as I call them for snacks with raw onions in between pickle slices. Yes, I’m pretty weird. My official name is pickle onion tacos lol

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Haha! The trick is to buy the tiny bags of worms at the gas station…never ever EVER buy a large bag or…heaven forbid, a family-sized one! Ahhhhh! Can’t stop…won’t stop…someone pry the worm from my hands!!

      Pickle onion tacos, huh? I think I love you! 😉

  4. I just finished a bag of apple crisps that I picked up at Jamba Juice this morning – oh yum!! I love this post, what a fun way to share all the snacks you’ve eaten. You know I’m all over some toast with Vegemite! 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Heck yeah! Lord knows you’ve got your stock of Vegemite covered…what’d you buy like half a dozen? Lol! Love it!

      Mmm, love apple crisps!

  5. Go for the damn ice cream, girl!
    And grab me one while you’re at it! 😉

  6. all of your eats look delicious!

  7. I indulge in sweets!! Cookies are my favorite, but I also go for chocolate. I usually have my dessert with the meal so I avoid the whole crazy blood sugar spike deal. 🙂

  8. Loving the snacks and especially your snackittude! 🙂

  9. Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness says:

    Pulp Crackers! I’m juicing tomorrow just so I can try this recipe. Salty! If I’m going to indulge it’s salty.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  10. Dude, I love how obsessed you are with peanut flour– it’s *almost* comparable to my obsession with nooch. Wait, you have that one, too! Shoot, we have ourselves a problem folks =) Haha. I’ve been out of peanut flour since TJ’s stopped carrying it, what a sad day that was… I suppose I need to go the online route, no? I’ll be quite frank though, I’m not too impressed with peanut flour eaten by itself thinned with milk, I prefer it mixed in or blended into things. Where do you get yours online from? I so want in on this peanut flour secret, it must come back into my life!

    My current fav snack combo… that’s a toughie…. but probably hummus and popcorn (with nooch, of course!). Or sunflower butta drizzled on popcorn. I realize that comes no where near close to your totally strange foodie combos =)

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Ohhh, sunflower buttered popcorn? That sounds fantastic! I’m definitely going to have to try that!

      I usually order my peanut flour (Protein Plus brand) from netrition.com but I checked out iHerb the other day and saw they carry it too so I’ll be getting it from them from now one…they’re a bit cheaper and I love that the company works so well with the blogging community. Here’s the link: http://www.iherb.com/Protein-Plus-Roasted-All-Natural-Peanut-Flour-16-oz-453-g/36230

      And peanut flour mixed in things SOOOO trumps fake watery “peanut butter”…I really don’t understand how people enjoy that as a PB sub!

  11. Wow, you take A TON of food pictures!! I wish I always remembered to do that. And now I must go try Fruity Pebbles mixed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch because that sounds freaking awesome…

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      On cake batter fro-yo…it will most assuredly change your life…or at least make you sigh and have a goofy grin! 😉

  12. This is such an awesome post for someone looking for snack ideas – I think you covered everything! 😉

    90% of the time my snacks are sweet… fruit, yogurt + granola, homemade bars, and fro yo are my favourites!

  13. You did an awesome job at documenting all your snacks…thanks for all the ideas! Happy belated WIAW!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Thanks Molly! It was a conscious effort for sure…I usually spend so much time documenting all my meals but rarely ever remember to catch a pic of my snack before it’s inhaled! Lol Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  14. Hahaha I love this post, and you — Nice to meet you, Heather. I’m Katie. I like playing in leaves, hammocking, and the Beatles. I will definitely be stopping by here time and time again!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, so nice to “meet” you too, Katie! Feel free to stop by as much as you like! 🙂 Ugh, I really need to get myself a hammock…

  15. Wow, that is quite a montage! All your eats are so yummy looking, especially the ones just thrown together. I do the same thing, especially in the midst of complete hunger!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yeah, it’s amazing what delicious concoctions can be made in the moments right before you want to chew your own arm off! 😉 Thanks for stopping by Shelby! Hope you’re having a great week!

  16. Carly Clark says:

    What kind of graham crackers are those in your little s’mores bowl? haha just wondering because they look possibly healthier? My favorite snack as of now is a banana with peanut butter hummus or some peanut butter popcorn; yes i do enjoy peanut butter too(:

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