Foodie Meets Foodtruck!

What up peeps!

Oh my gosh, thank you all SO much for all the wonderful comments about my new ‘do and yesterday’s pancake flippin’ comeback! You guys are the best!

So I am MORE than excited to share something with you today…

One of the biggest things on my bucket list was officially marked off on Saturday afternoon…and to think, I wouldn’t have known anything about it if it weren’t for one of my fellow Fitfluential Ambassadors…

Tess, I seriously owe you one…BIG TIME!

Oh yeah…you read that right: food…truck….festival! OMG!

But just WAIT till you see the pics!

BB and I headed out on Saturday afternoon and ended up getting to the park around 3pm. We jumped in line to pay for admission and get our armbands…I swear to you guys it felt like I was standing in line waiting to get into an amusement park! You know that feeling right before you go to get on one a roller coaster that you know is going to make you scream your head off in absolute mind-numbing joy? Yeah, this was my roller coaster!

Bring on the endorphins…AND the food! πŸ˜‰

Not gonna lie, I totally wanted to jump in the bounce house with all the kiddos…but of course, there were bigger and better things awaiting to satisfy my ADD! πŸ˜‰

Food Truck-a-palooza!

There were about twelve to fifteen trucks lining the “dining lot” all offering up their specialities. When we first arrived, BB was starving, but I forced him to walk all the way through the lot before making a decision…

C’mon, I couldn’t let him make a rookie mistake and choose the first food truck he saw…true love people, TRUE love! πŸ˜‰

After a few minutes of roaming/drooling around the lot, he made his decision…

Just Like Nannie Fixed It!

He ordered the meat and three: meat loaf, mashed potatoes, pepperoni pasta salad, and country-style green beans which were hiding under the buttery delicious corncake.

And of course, he couldn’t deny himself the peanut butter pie once he spotted it on the menu…and you see why we get along so well! πŸ˜‰

Of course, he let me sample a bit of everything and I have to say that meat loaf was perfectly seasoned and perfectly ketchup crusted and those mashed potatoes? Tasted JUST like the ones my great grandmother used to make…guess the name of the truck holds true!

The pie had a great flavor but a little more mousse-y than I prefer…I like to SLICE into my pie…if I wanted pudding, I would get pudding! BB thought otherwise and demolished it in less than five minutes!

So, what did I chose to sink my teeth into?

As soon as I spotted The Grilled Cheeserie, I KNEW I had to get my hands on one of their gourmet sandwiches.

It was the longest line in the lot and took over 15 minutes to get to the ordering window, but it was totally worth it…

And besides I had my human shade screen!

Boyfriend trumps umbrella ANY day! πŸ˜‰

I actually saw this truck featured on the news a few months back while I was at the gym of all places, and practically drooled over my elliptical while dreaming of the day that I witness first-hand the specialty mac ‘n cheese sandwich!

But once I saw the menu, I just couldn’t do it…

Oh no…the Tex-Mex Turkey Melt had my name written ALL over it!

I switched out the pepper jack for smoked gouda and grabbed a little “tot sauce” (ketchup meets smoky cocktail sauce) for dipping and I just had to get some of their hibiscus lime marinated watermelon!

Warm gooey cheese, creamy avocado aioli, spicy chili-rubbed turkey, crisp sourdough bread…

Everybody say CHEESE PORN!

As for the watermelon, not really knowing what hibiscus should taste like (first timer over here), I thought it was good, but didn’t taste much different than regular watermelon…but totally appreciated on this hot afternoon!

After BB and I finished our meals, we took a little stroll through the park to see the Parthenon and the James Robertson monument (founder of Nashville) for the first time!

There was also a wedding going on…and omg, her dress was gorgeous! I would’ve tried to get a better picture, but…hello creeper! πŸ˜‰

Afterwards, we wandered around the surrounding gardens relaxing in the shade and taking in a bit of the cool breeze that finally decided to show up. With all the colorful flowers, trees, and the fountain, it was an absolutely gorgeous setting…

Not bad for an iPhone shot, huh? I LOVE that I got the bird in there!

And of course, I took about 37926 pictures of all the flowers…the red and yellow lilies were my favorite (if you can’t tell)!

After resting on that awesome looking bench (did you see it? Look ^ there!), we decided to call it a day and head back to the car…

But not before I got some dessert!

After much deliberation…aka, taste-testing, I decided to go with the incredible mango lychee topped with mixed nuts and shredded coconut from Maggie Moo’s

And yes, I totally asked for one of the sample spoons to eat it with! πŸ˜‰

I definitely have to say this day makes it on the list of “Best Days Ever”…right up there with the day I graduated college, the night I met BB, and when I first discovered the amazingness that is a BBQ and PB&J sandwich! πŸ˜‰

Now I just have to work on the other parts of my bucket list…

Run a half marathon, witness the Northern Lights, and travel/eat my way through Europe!

What are three things on YOUR bucket list?

Have you ever eaten from a food truck?

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