WIAW: Pumped Up Meals

Hey guys!

Well, time flies when you’re having fun. It’s already time…

Time to party!

And it’s also time to change things up for our little shindig…I’m totally excited about the theme Jenn picked for this month…

Fun…Food…& Fitness!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve really been having a great time finding my groove again when it comes to fitness (and taking the time to take silly pics of myself at the gym)…I’ve actually been excited to get to my workouts instead of just seeing them as another something to mark off the to-do list.

Along with all that sweating though comes time for refuel.

Protein = Muscle Recovery

Plain and simple!

So I thought I’d share with you guys some of the meals I turn to to make sure I’m getting enough protein to refuel my muscles…I mean, if my legs are gonna get me through that killer Kickboxing workout, the least I could do is give them a little reward!

First up, breakfast!

When I’m not diving head first into a Carrot Cake Parfait,

I’m usually enjoying a nice big bowl of Egg White Oats!

Sometimes with fruit…

And sometimes with crushed chocolate hazelnut biscotti from my favorite Mama Bird! 😉

Or sometimes, all I want are eggs…

Gotta love that staying power…and I know how to appreciate a perfectly runny yolk!

But other times, other times…it’s all about the pancakes!

Coconutty Protein Pancakes to be exact!

Lunches lately (thanks to the night shift) have been more breakfast oriented…not that I mind one bit! Especially when it involves a nice hot cup of coffee…

And an Orange Creamsicle Protein Muffin

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Or a yogurt bowl…

Or maybe even some Protein French Toast!

Recipe coming oh so SOON!

My dinners lately have been a whole lot of these:

Build-a-Bowl to the rescue! This one with quinoa, cottage cheese, Lox, kholrabi, cucumber, and tomatoes!

Bowls of cottage cheese with lox and cucumbers…with crackers for dipping…

Or a veggie wrap filled to the BRIM with hummus, fresh farmer’s market produce, sprouts, and feta cheese!

And apparently all this protein eating seems to be paying off…

Isn’t he cute? My little muscle? I kinda want to name him! 😉

What is your favorite protein packed meal?

What exercise are you enjoying lately?





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