The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hey peeps!

Did everyone have a good Fourth of July yesterday?

I didn’t do much, but I DID meet up with my mom and sis for a little cinema entertainment…in the form of Tatum Channing’s bare bottom!

Warning: Go to the matinee showing on this or wait until it comes out on Redbox!

I’m sorry folks, but it’s just not worth any more when you consider the ratio of Channing booty to dollars. And if you’re looking for a storyline, well, you might as well hop on over to the theater next door and check out Brave…I hear it’s pretty cute…and you can take your grandma to THAT one! 😉

Since I was a bit disappointed with the movie, I headed over to TJ Maxx for a little “retail therapy”…well, ACTUALLY, I was just going to look at purses, but wouldn’t you know five minutes after I realized they had nothing I wanted, I ended up in the home goods section…


Really?…can you say that you are REALLY surprised by this? 😉


Onto the title of this post!

So, I’ve been doing a little product reviewing lately…some on my own accord, and some from companies who flattered me by asking if they could supply me with samples.

Well, who am I to say no to THAT?!

First there was the GOOD:

GOODBelly that is!

The lovely Lindsey from GoodBelly contacted me a couple of months ago asking me about my interest in her company’s probiotic supplements. I responded quickly because I, like so many others I’ve recently discovered, have had my fair share of tummy troubles over the last year or so. If it’s not, “Oops, I forgot to take my Lactaid before I dove headfirst into that fro-yo,” then I’m usually suffering after the latest act of veggie vengence.

She explained to me the details behind GoodBelly and told me I should give their 12 day challenge a try…

One GoodBelly a day for 12 days to hopefully end with a happier tummy!

I was sent some VIP coupon vouchers* and off the store I went!

I decided to go with three different flavors of the GoodBelly+ I’m not really a juice drinker so I figured, if this little guy could offer me the same benefits as an 8oz glass, hey, why not?

I tried the Mango flavor first. After following the fool-proof, aka “Heather-proof ” instructions, I found the appropriate end to open and couldn’t help but smile when I realized what was underneath! 😉

All the flavors were incredibly tasty, but I have to say the Blueberry Acai was my absolute favorite…almost made me regret not going for the bigger carton of juice!

The little “shots” were super convenient…I would either have one first thing in the morning, or pop it in my lunch box and carry it to work with me for a little midday treat.

Unfortunately, after the 12 day challenge was over, I really felt no different than before. My tummy troubles are not a daily thing, but I still had a couple of episodes of unexplained bloat during and after which is what I was hoping the challenge would help with.

While there are a lot of positive reviews on their website, unfortunately it can’t work for everyone, but THAT is where the satisfaction guarantee comes in!

If you sign up here for the 12 Day Challenge, try Goodbelly and don’t see results…just mail in your UPCs and they will issue you a FULL refund! Really, what have you got to lose?

Then, there was the BAD:

I know I already mentioned in my WIAW post not to waste your money on the Good ‘n Natural bars, but I felt it was my duty to lay it all out for you guys on this.

So I was out shopping one day and found myself in the bar section…one of my favorites…right next to the peanut butter aisle and the yogurt case ;)…anywho…I saw these bars on sale 10/$10 and thought, “Hmm, wonder what these are like?”

A quick look at the nutrition facts and I was pretty convinced…all natural, mostly organic ingredients (all gluten-free AND vegan) and with TEN grams of protein per bar!

In my mind, it was the unlikely spawn of a ménage à trois of a Lara bar, a bowl of oats, and a protein shake…don’t ask, I know…I’m weird, but that’s not the point.

The point IS that NONE of these bars tasted like they should have!

The Lemon didn’t taste a thing like lemon…actually, it didn’t really have a taste at all…kinda like cardboard…you know, ’cause in my spare time, I go around licking boxes. 😉

The Peanut Butter was okay at first, but then I was knocked in the face by some kind of aftertaste that wasn’t like anything I’ve ever tasted before.

The Cranberry Almond was probably the most tolerable…though it actually tasted like raspberry…but a little fake.

The Chocolate was the WORST one! You know that undeniable smell coming from the oven when you’ve forgotten about your chocolate chip cookies in the oven? Yeah, it was like that…only 10 times worse! I couldn’t even swallow it!


And I never throw ANYTHING away!

And finally, the UGLY:

Do not…I repeat…DO NOT buy the Tangerine Creme CRAPsicle Think Thin bar…unless you like the taste of raw tangerine peels soaked in fake sugar!


One more thing that I’d like to mention, that can’t really find a place in this breakdown is the newest to hit the shelves from So Delicious…

Almond Plus almond milk

I absolutely LOVE almond milk and even if I COULD drink regular cow’s milk without knocking back a couple of Lactaids, I wouldn’t do it!

Nothing beats the flavor of cold glass of unsweetened almond milk…especially with a cookie, muffin, or other such dunkable. 😉 So you can understand my surprise when I poured a glass of this and

1.) It came out this color:

And 2.) It didn’t taste a thing like my precious Almond Breeze! 🙁

It was watery and a little chalky/gritty tasting and I knew immediately I had to find another way to enjoy it…like I said, I rarely EVER throw things away, and besides the nutritionals totally ROCK!

So into my pancakes, more pancakes, and muffins it went!

And now that I have an empty carton but still feeling that baking “itch”, I’m thinking about picking up some more!

What about you? Do you have a good, bad, or downright ugly? Please, feel free to share with the class! 😉

And don’t forget…you still have ONE MORE HOUR to enter the Nunaturals Giveaway!

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