For the Love of Snails

Hey guys!

I hope you had a marvelous weekend and hopefully it ended with a celebratory pancake breakfast like mine did yesterday. Oh and speaking of those delicious pancakes, I have some great news…one of my lovely readers, Katy, informed me that making you own quinoa flour is a CINCH! No toasting or anything required, just throw some quinoa in a coffee grinder and badda-bing-badda-BOOM!

Now you don’t have ANY excuses to keep you from making some
“Cha- Cha- Cha- Chia” Pancakes!
Of course singing that song while making them is completely optional but highly recommended 😉

Like I mentioned on Friday’s post, BB was able to come home for a brief visit this weekend. We didn’t really do much…may sound weird, but I feel if we cram too much in the day and a half that we have together, time will go by way too fast!

BB is my bowl of warm steamy oats topped with the perfect oversized spoonful of peanut butter…I savor each and ever bite minute! 😉

One thing that we DID do this weekend was try out a new seafood restaurant! If you’re ever in Paducah, KY you have to visit Whalers Catch! They have an incredible menu selection FULL of creative seafood dishes and a bit of Cajun flare as well!

I know I just did an Instagram photo dump the other day, but I just HAVE to share the ones from our visit to the restaurant on Saturday because….

It was my very FIRST time trying snails!

BB got a half dozen of raw oysters and I hesitantly told the waiter I’d like an order of the escargot in garlic butter sauce. I was a little nervous, but I mean c’mon, how can something swimming in garlic butter be bad, right? 😉

I was a little surprised/excited to see that they came to me shelled…we’ve all seen those “slippery suckers” in action! 😉

Surrounded by crusty pieces of warm garlic bread, the smell of the plate was intoxicating.

And with the first (somewhat nervous) bite,

I fell in love! 

Their earthy taste and squishy texture reminded BB and I of sauteed mushrooms so if you’re a mushroom lover, I think you’ll love them as much as I do!

Saltine + oyster + horseradish & hot sauce =


We ended up splitting our appetizers and polishing off every last crumb of garlic bread just as our salads made their way to our table…

Standard iceberg lettuce salad jazzed up with cajun seasoned croutons with the raspberry poppyseed house dressing on the side.

It was everything I could do to finish this salad…I was already SO FULL!

When my entree came out (seared ahi tuna on a bed of Cajun rice), the waiter must have seen it in my eyes because he didn’t hesitate at all when I asked for a to-go box! Lol

As stuffed as I was though, I could NOT resist a bite of BB’s warm, cheesy, and perfectly seasoned shrimp casserole!

Ugh, my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures!

Afterwards, we took our full bellies home and pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon/evening curled up on the couch watching Scrubs…

And well, I may or may not have broken out my new mini beer glasses a little later!

Aren’t they cute? 😉

What did YOU do this weekend? Any new foods or experiences?

Have you ever tried escargot?

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25 Responses to For the Love of Snails

  1. lindsay says:

    LOVE SNAILS!! In butter! And i love Pretty woman. that quote ooh yes, it’s awesome. like U!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, I love you so much! Pretty Woman is just one of those movies…so many one liners…total classic!

      I had some more of the orange coconut healthy bites today…NOW I think I like them even more than the original coconut! Haha!

  2. katie says:

    YUM! I was drooling over the food pics the other day on instagram! I love oysters, they are slimy but oh so good!

    Happy Tuesday love!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      With BB’s masterful cracker-layering skills, they never seem slimy at all…I swear that boy was a fish monger in another life! 😉

  3. My sister and I tried escargot on a family trip to Quebec City when I was in the 7th (or 6th?) grade and we were surprised that we really enjoyed it – we even sent back for another tray to share!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Nice! I love it when I’m surprised by a new food! Being a little adventurous definitely has it’s perks…like now that I’ve tried raw okra, having it fried doesn’t even begin to compare! Love it!

  4. I’ve never tried snails… but I’ve eaten just about every other weird food! Frog legs, calf brain, lamb testicles, you name it. They were all surprisingly delicious! I guess you really can’t judge a food by it’s name. 😉

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Calf brain and lamb balls, huh? Very interesting. I’d be nervous, but heck, I’ll try anything once! Well, almost anything…I’m not signing up for pig’s feet or eyeballs or anything! Ick! Lol

  5. Emilie @ hungry delights says:

    All the food looks mouthwatering!!!!

    You guys are soooo cute together <3

    Xo Emilie at Hungry Delights

  6. Aparna B. says:

    First off: how cute are you and your beau?! Too cute!!
    Secondly: I’ve never tried snails! It’s not really my things. And I have to admit the whole oyster thing kind of scares me. Props to you for trying it all though!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thanks love! I know it’s not for everybody, but I like to be a bit adventurous when it comes to food…you only live once, right? 🙂

  7. julie says:

    i’ve never had snails! i’m a HUGEEEEEEEE seafood lover haha i could eat it every minute of the day! i feel like i need to go to france to eat snails — is tha twrong? nah! just an excuse to hot foot it to paris!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Heck no…as long as you take me with you! And there HAS to be some authentic French pastries involved in this little trip as well! 😉

  8. I am a little scared of escargot… but if it’s like mushrooms I think I’d love it. Hmmmm…

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      It totally is! I was so surprised! I swear I haven’t been as nervous to try a food since my first time with caviar…and THAT did not go so well! :-/

  9. Robyn :) says:

    I have had escargot once and liked it. The thing to remember is that they are snails specifically raised to be eaten, not plucked out of the garden lol. I also love raw oysters. My best friend and I started the “oyster tour” when we were in Boston, sampling oysters at different restaurants and continue it when we are together again. The best ones we have had have come from Maryland and Connecticut.

    I scrapbooked all weekend 🙂 Oh, and the picture of you and BB is adorable.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I’d love to travel to New England and eat my fill of all the super fresh seafood! I bet everything tastes 100% better!

      Oh, ONE of these days I’ll make use of the 5 million sheets of scrapbooking paper, pens, and stickers that I have in my closet and actually put something together! I jokingly say that I “collect” scrapbooking supplies since I’ve had the stuff for YEARS and only have like 4 pages to show for it! Lol. And thank you, I thought the pic came out pretty good too…especially since we were outside and I couldn’t see for the glare of the sun! 😉

  10. I just love you! I have never tried snails, but I don’t think I could… or oysters for that matter. I just don’t have the stomach for it. I’m such a baby… lol! I do love mushrooms though. We can eat mushrooms together….mmkay?

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Mushrooms it is then! I don’t blame you on the oysters, I tried them once when I was younger and hated the slimy texture…I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why my parents ordered them so much whenever we went out to eat! I just recently gave them another try when I saw BB and a few of his friends go hog wild on a platter of them at one of our favorite restaurants. I think it helps that I’m older (and can appreciate the taste of horseradish and tabasco) but I enjoy them now. The snails on the other hand, aren’t slimy like the oysters AT ALL…just like a soft sauteed mushroom. Who knows, maybe you’ll confuse one for a mushroom one day and find out you like em! 😉

  11. I remember my first time trying snails. The boy I was at dinner with didn’t work out, but those snails certainly did. 🙂

    I’m all about anything with horseradish…I think half the fun of eating shrimp is the cocktail sauce–which I unabashedly will use to dip straight crackers or veggies into…

  12. Jessi says:

    I’m new here, love your blog! I am finding my way back to my healthy lifestyle after transitioning from Germany back to America (husband is in the military). I did have snails just before we left Germany my 9yr old daughter had been wanting to try them at a local restaurant, so we ordered some and all tried one……..and we loved them! We are seafood people though, natively from MD (home of the best crabs ever!).

    Running across your blog on pinterest a few times now, I have seen and LOVE your ‘H’ coffee cup, if I could ever find it I’d buy like a dozen lol.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hey Jessi! Thank you SO much! I’m glad you decided to leave a comment…it always makes my day to hear from a new reader! So awesome that your 9 year old was interested in trying something so different…geez, when I was that age, all I ever wanted to eat was french fries and PB&J! Oh how many years I lost being a picky eater.

      I got the cup at Anthropologie last year…yeah, pretty much the ONLY thing I could afford from that place! Lol Here’s the website if you want to order one!

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