A Marvelous Labor-FREE Weekend

Happy Labor Day!

While I know we technically still have [only] three more weeks until the first day of fall, I can’t help but associate Labor Day with the end of summer. The sun is setting sooner, the temperatures are cooling off, leaves are starting to change…that’s right folks, pumpkin season is right around the corner!

But before we start pulling out the carving knives and candy corn (ick), it’s nice to enjoy those last few weeks of summer that we have left?

I know most of you have today off from work and/or school and will be enjoying family time, BBQ’s, and maybe even some fireworks, but as of last night, it’s back to the grind for me…but please, save the pity…I’m getting time and a half!

Chaaaaaa-CHING! 😀

And besides, my weekend started on Friday, and I did my best to make the most of it!

Be sure to hop on over to Healthy Diva Eats and check out everyone’s marvelous link-ups…maybe, just maybe their weekend rocked as much as mine! 😉

It all began Friday morning with a GREAT lower body workout in an almost EMPTY gym…gotta love holiday weekends to give you more space in the weight room! After that, there was just enough time for a shower, breakfast, and a quick post before making my way out for a little road trip!

Any guesses as to where I ended up?

Ohhhh, yes…it’s been TOO long!

But I didn’t drive all the way to Nashville just to stuff my face with a trough of Whole Foods salad bar options or to load up Elvira until my wallet started to whimper…oh no, I had an even BETTER reason!

Love this girl!

And these two little munchkins!!
Totally stole this pic from Heather’s Instagram feed!

After a MARVELOUS lunch filled with delicious food (omg, so many levels of YUM in that box) and LOTS of catching up, Heather headed home to feed the babes, and I began the mission to murder my wallet in broad daylight!

Stay tuned for a post later in the week for pictures of the carnage! 😉

But the fun (and deliciousness) didn’t stop there…

Saturday I woke up early, made my weekly trip to the farmer’s market, whipped up a quick summery salad

And headed off to my parents house for something special.

…Hmmm, I wonder WHO could that be for?…

Daddy Broccoli’s Birthday!

We made it a nice stress-free afternoon, creating a quick and easy lunch of fresh corn on the cob, my cucumber, tomato, and onion salad, and smoked chicken from my dad’s favorite local BBQ joint.

Now if that plate doesn’t scream SUMMER, then I don’t know what does!

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging on the couch and chit chatting while drooling over shows on The Cooking Channel and Food Network…yeah, my parents know how to get me to stay awhile! 😉

Then it was time to dig into that cake!

I’m not usually big on cake (must I remind you of my cookie love lust?) but holy mother of fluff…this was one of THE BEST cakes ever! I can still taste the perfectly creamy, sweet, but not too sweet icing! And thankfully, I packed my Lactaid, because that ice cream was the icing on the….oh, you know what I mean! 😉

While I’m not typically a cake person, PANCAKES are of course a whole other story!

In the final hours of my fantastically labor-FREE weekend, BB and I got up early and went to our favorite place for celebrating Pancake Sunday

BB ordered the “Fluffy Pancakes” stuffed with crushed Oreo cookies topped with powdered sugar while I went plain with the silver dollar pancakes…

But that was just the beginning…those pancakes were but a blank canvas…

Ahh, yes…topped with a dollop of peanut butter and a fresh nectarine that I totally brought from home and then drizzled with just enough maple syrup…it was enough to [almost] make me swoon!

But there was something missing…so halfway through my plate, I made a request of our waitress…

Cinnamon makes everything better!


Good food, good company, and NOT a single hand lifted toward chores around the house…not THAT is what I call a successful Labor Day weekend!

What fun and delicious things did you get into this weekend?

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming fall months?

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