So I have some things to share…

Not to be confused with these things:

No, my things are less of the mischievous type and more of the delicious nature! 😉

But first, let’s give something someone a warm welcome home!

It took a bit of sacrifice on the sleep front, but I made it up to Carmax yesterday to finally pick Elvira up from her stent in rehab. She did end up having some transmission problems, but after a pretty intense detox*, she’s back and good as new!

*Thank God I bought the extended warranty!

Now onto those THINGS!

Like my latest obsession with cottage cheese, pumpkin, peanut flour and cinnamon…shown unstirred due to photogenic qualities
resembling cat vomit <-too much?

I’ve had this for breakfast for THREE days in a row and it has YET to get old!

Something I have NOT had for the last three days?

Sad day right?

I’ve been out of my Fitmixer Aminos since Monday and while I thought about ordering more, something I noticed a few weeks ago just hasn’t set right with me…

I love Fitmixer…the taste is great…the energy from it is amazing…but artificial flavors AND Red #40? Really?

So I took matters into my own hands…

 After spending HOURS online the other day looking for a “clean” amino acid supplement, I was just about to throw in the towel when I spotted this:

I’ve read a TON about the benefits of matcha powder and have wanted to get my hands on some for a while now so you can imagine my excitement when I found this little guy on Netrition.

So starting tomorrow, THIS will be the new base for my
ACV morning cocktail!

And I shall call it…”Clean”Mixer! 😉

And speaking of clean…

Am I the only one out there who was completely naive to the deliciousness that is a Zevia soda??

Someone left a couple in the breakroom yesterday, free for the taking and after a quick taste that INSTANTLY took me back to my childhood A&W days, I scooped up the others in a quickness!

And after I was bombarded with Instagram comments apparently the general consensus is that I haven’t LIVED until I’ve had the Black Cherry flavor as well!

Now, I’ll admit, I do inspect nearly EVERY label looking for numbers that I approve of and I lean toward the cleanest of ingredients when it comes to something I use on a DAILY basis, but every once in a while, it’s nice to have a splurge…

Not the cleanest, but certainly NOT a high-fructose corn syrup laden Snack Pak…this little gem took me to a special pudding Heaven yesterday!

And I don’t even like pudding!

 But I’ll tell what I DO like…it’s official, I’m a [fresh] fig lover!

Especially when they are stuffed with TJ’s Cookie Butter!


But that was just my appetizer before THIS:

Spinach salad topped with caramelized onions, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, and…

Goat cheese-stuffed, prosciutto-wrapped figs!

AND drizzled with a bit of fig balsamic!

Heather, you are a GENIUS! <- not me sillies, I’m not THAT big headed! 😉

And some other “things” that I’ve forgotten to mention:

My interview/guest post over on Katie’s blog, Talk Less, Say More…get the story behind my blog name!


My first ever submission for Tuesday Trainer last week…check out my buff arms! 😉

What are some things worthy of mention from your week so far?

Are you a label reader like me ?

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