Mushy For Mizuno!

As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I get to work with some amazing companies.

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to participate in Mizuno’s Mezamashii Project. I applied for the chance to be selected from hundreds of other bloggers. When I got the email saying I had been chosen, I may or may not have forgotten to breath for a few seconds.

So why the sudden onset of hypoxia?

Well, maybe it’s because as part of the Mezamashii Project, I was able to pick out these babies…

Mizuno Wave Creation 13


That’s right! Mizuno has confidence in their line of running shoes, but they also know that a lot of people have their brand loyalties…and THAT is where the Mezamashii Project comes in!

Mezamashii is the Japanese word for eye-opening, or brilliant.

The goal of the project is to provide an “eye-opening”, or “brilliant” running experience for runners everywhere!

Having never owned a pair of Mizuno running shoes before and really always considering myself an “Asics girl”, I figured I was a perfect candidate for this project.

Mizuno Wave Creation 13

I’ll be honest, once I started perusing their website, I was a little overwhelmed by all varieties, but in the end I chose the Wave Creation 13 because well, it was the only “normal” colored one they offered! 😉

Mizuno Wave Creation 13

I was super nervous about the size/fit since I’ve never had luck in the past with ordering shoes online, but as soon as I laced them up, I knew they were perfect!

Mizuno Test Run

The next week, I took them out for my first run*

*Their first run ever…my first run in FORever! 😉


Mizuno Test Run Done


I don’t know what it was…the fact that I was rocking some snazzy new sneaks or it being 60 degrees and sunny in the middle of November, but the 5K I had intended to run turned out to be one of the greatest FIVE-MILERS I’ve ever had…and I swear I’m not just saying that!

The shoes were perfect. Cushy. Supportive. Light.

I kinda felt like Forrest Gump…until the next day when I realized that stretching after an impromptu five-miler is not only a good idea, but completely and totally NECESSARY!

Since then, I’ve basically been wearing them non-stop…


And I have to say a BIG thank you Mizuno and FitFluential for the opportunity to participate in this “eye-opening” experience because these
are SERIOUSLY my new FAVORITE sneaker!

I was provided with a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 13 shoes for free for review purposes but ALL of the above opinions are my own.

What is your favorite sneaker?

Have you ever tried Mizunos?

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