WIAW: Truth AND Dare

First, I want to thank you guys SO much for all the heart-warming comments you left on yesterday’s post. I feel better since “coming out” with my struggle on body image and it really helps knowing that I have not only your support, but your empathy and encouragement as well!

And second, Happy Wednesday!


Be sure to head on over to Peas & Crayons for this week’s foodie celebration!

Now normally, I would flood your computer screen with eats from the previous week…salacious salads and all kinds of other foodporn, but unfortunately this week, I’ve got nothing. Instead of dancing around the truth, sweeping the crumbs under the rug, and basically hiding from shame, I’m just gonna come out with it.

This is what last week looked like in terms of food…

CerealCookiesTrail MixPopcornGraham Crackers & Peanut ButterPeanut ButterAll while sitting in the floor of my pantry.

I had a cookie…and then another…and the next thing I know, HALF the package was gone and I was covered in crumbs. I was overcome by stress and battling insomnia. I was looking for comfort. But as I reached for that cookie, I told myself I was weak. I knew a binge was coming but instead of facing my fears, I let it consume me. I binged on foods that I kept telling myself were “junk” (except for the peanut butter) and because I felt like I’d lost my willpower, the trust I had in myself around these kinds of foods vanished. Yes, I could have just packed them up in a box and hid them from myself or thrown them all in the trash, but you know what?

That would have solved absolutely nothing.

It would only have perpetuated the power that these foods have over me. Food is NOT the enemy and this is NOT an issue of willpower. That package of cream-filled crack (holy mother of discount) cookies does not want to make me fat and pre-diabetic. I know not everyone out there has a problem with binge-eating, but I do know that there are quite a few people who won’t allow themselves to have certain foods because they don’t trust themselves. But the real problem is not the food at all…it’s the mindset behind the food. There is no good and no bad food…there is no reason to feel guilty for craving certain things and enjoying them…as long as they make you happy.

So today, I DARE you…

Have a cookie…eat some ice cream…dip a spoon into the peanut butter jar…or have that slice of pizza. Eat something you love but wouldn’t normally have and SAVOR it. Soak in all the happiness and excitement behind the taste of that food. Take the fear away, and gain back the trust in yourself.

What food would you chose for your dare?

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