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Thinking Out Loud: All THE EXCITING THINGS!!

OMG, YOU GUYS!! OH WAIT! I mean, oh…wait…yeah, that’s better. Sorry for screaming. I’m uh, just well…I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED! Shit, Heather, compose yourself wouldja?! Man, you let one month go by without a good round of ToL and Broccoli loses … Continue reading

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Marvelously Motivated

Hello there, loverlies! I hope you all had a fun and exciting weekend! Ya know, while I was at the hospital working my bum off! Ha, well actually, I did more of working OUTSIDE my little lead-lined x-ray walls, but … Continue reading

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A Blushing Broccoli

You Gaaaaaaaaah-EYES!!!! 😀 I just finished reading through all the beautiful comments left on my blog birthday post and I’m….well, I’m just…ok, obviously I’m a little speechless at the moment. No, actually, that’s not true at all. The trouble is there are so … Continue reading

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