Thinking Out Loud: It’s About Time!

Annnnnnnnnd she’s BACK!

After nearly two months out of the game, hopefully if Amanda can find it in her heart to forgive me, then you guys will too. Also? Posting twice in the same week for TWO WEEKS in a row? Yeah, I may be onto something here. Maybe. 😉

While I’ve been getting that itch to throw shit away like I do every year (please tell me that’s not just me), I haven’t quite made it happen just yet. I blame it on the weather and the fact that it has.not.stopped.raining all week. So, instead of skipping around the house collecting things to add to the growing Goodwill pile in the garage, I’ve been a little more mellow in my motivation. I’m sorta easing into it, if you will, with a few things that have been neglected lately.


Gym Selfie

Getting my ass in the gym…for the first time…in over two weeks…and then leaving after a walk and fifteen short (and incredibly sweaty) minutes. Seriously, the amount of endurance you loose in such a short time always gets me! The selfie I took on the way out the door explains the weird looks I got. Ha, gotta love curly hair.


Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Making my way over to the “new” Chipotle on the other side of town that opened oh just like two years ago. Well? And I have to say that I only did this to myself BUT…it just wasn’t that good. I’m sorry, but my heart belongs to Cafe Rio…and their crack-like tomatillo ranch dressing that I could bathe in without a second thought. Womp womp. 🙁



Finding a yoga class that fit into my schedule! I was a little disappointed that my favorite instructor wasn’t teaching due to illness, but I tried someone new and I really liked her…especially when she came over at the end of class and gave everyone a little head and shoulder rub with some fragrant oil! It’s been over two months since I was last in the studio so I had trouble with some of the poses…but the real trouble was holding down that burrito bowl from lunch four hours earlier. Ugh.
Can we say “Namabarf”?

Like FINALLY…Blend Ticket Text

Buying my plane ticket to Blend! And then proceeding to harass Melissa with emojis. I had to wait to get my time off approve for work and then, I don’t know, I just kept putting if off. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the cost…especially after waiting so long. Gotta love not having to fly into Salt Lake City airport!


Bob's Redmill Giftcard

Finding AND spending the Bob’s Redmill gift card that I won in the Blend raffle TWO YEARS AGO! Oh and can I just say how amazing those people are? When I got online to make my purchase and realized that I had to call to make a gift card purchase, I was a little put off, but after dialing the number, an actual person picked up! “Bonita” helped me pick all my items quickly and easily and even evened out the shipping so I wouldn’t have to pay a couple of dollars extra. 😀


Cheesy Potatoes

Busting out the Trader Joe’s cheese that I bought back in um…January? The amazing caramelized onion cheddar has already come and gone, but SOMEhow, the truffle cheddar got pushed to the back of the cheese drawer and was almost forgotten about. Yeah, I had to scrape off a fair amount of homemade penicillin but I have to say, it made a DAMN good lunch melted over these leftover potatoes!


Nikki the Nikon

Breaking out the big guns and taking some REAL pictures! Which was actually more of a process than it sounds because I had to…find the battery charger, curse a lot while searching for it, charge the battery, remember how the hell to use the damn camera, take my pictures, find the cord that connects it to my computer, curse a lot while searching for it, upload my pictures, deem them marvelous and then…

Keep them from you until next week! 😛

Don’t worry. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise. I just have to remember how to do all this recipe stuff again and get it all typed up for ya!


In the meantime, why don’t you all cruise on over to Spoons and check out all the link ups today and then have yourself one HECK of a weekend! Jason and I are traveling to see the girls today and then its three nights of zombie-walking before a week of fun in the sun…I hope. Speak it into existence, right? Mother Nature?!

Do you get “junk claustrophobia” and an urge to throw stuff away

What’s something at the bottom of your to-do list
that you need to get done?

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