Thinking Out Loud: The Calm Between the Storms

Hello there, loverlies!

I hope you are all having a great week and if not, well, tomorrow’s Friday, right? Though I won’t be looking forward to MY weekend ending and my workweek beginning, I am more than excited about my massage appointment tomorrow morning. It has been too long since I’ve slobbered all over my therapist’s massage table. CAN’T WAIT!

Since this is technically my Sunday, I’m going to give a little weekend recap Thinking Out Loud style soooo, the rambling starts….NOW!

TJ Maxx Mug

Saw this at TJ Maxx the other day and just had to get a picture. Oh sarcasm, how I love you so! If you can’t make fun of life sometimes, what’s the point, right?

And believe it or NOT, I walked out of the store empty-handed. I must’ve caught them on an off day because most of the shelves were lacking and then, I don’t know…with all the gloomy skies and rain we’ve been getting lately, I haven’t really been feeling like getting out and doing much.


So thank the dear Google gods for they’re technology advances! Jason and I bought a Chromecast the other day (because we’re sick of staring at my tiny ass computer screen whenever we want to watch Netflix) and omg, you guys, I’m addicted! It literally took minutes to set up and is so user-friendly AND your phone is basically your remote!

Wine and Popcorn

It also helps that I have free space on my lap now that I don’t have to hold my computer THISCLOSE to our faces…which of course makes more room for other things of equal much more importance. #treatyoself 😉

Me & Jason

Since Jason and I started dating, we’ve both put on our fair share of what we like to call “fat and happy” weight SO…we’ve been trying to balance out our couch time with some movement. We’ve been able to squeeze in a couple of walks lately, but it hasn’t been easy with all the sporadic rainstorms we’ve been getting. The trick? Walk a short track where the car is always within sprinting distance. So hey, if Mother Nature wants to fuck with you, you can just be like, “Eh, I was planning on a HIIT workout anyway, bitch!” Umm, yeah, sometimes I have conversations with personified entities.

Grilling Out

How about that #grillporn, huh?

Hamburger & Aspargus

Yep, it may have been only 50ish degrees (10 Celsius) outside last night, but we got our grill on! Sirloin burgers topped with Butterkaise (amazing) cheese served up with our favorite grilled veggie. And even though it was thrown together in minutes, it ended up being one of those meals that we talked about for the rest of the night.

On that note, I’ve got some leftovers that are all of a sudden calling my name from the fridge. Funny how that works. Be sure to hop on over to Spoons and fork you up a good dose of random ramblings. Ha, you see what I did there?


 And since I forgot to leave you guys with some good tuneage last week AND there is NO WAY I can keep this to myself, please, enjoy the musical talents of my favorite odd-looking guys with some insane electronic sounds, Joywave!

I’ve had their latest album on repeat since it released on Tuesday. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, I’ve gotta say this one is extra special since the chorus makes me think of Jason. 😉

Give me some highlights from your week!

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