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The Story of How I Became a Kombucha-Brewing Master

…of the WORRRRRRRRLD! *insert one-eyed tongue out emoji here* We all have things in life we want to learn…simple things from sewing on a button to more complex activities such as unearthing the mystery of IKEA’s furniture assembly instructions…but no matter the trade, there’s always a … Continue reading

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May: The Month of Music & Merriment

And just like that, it’s the FIRST day of June! Wow, how the HECK did I let that happen? I swear I thought we had one more May day left, but well, obviously I was mistaken. Looks like my little “currently” post is … Continue reading

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Grilling, Flying, and Other Weekend Musings

What’s up, guys?! I spent Monday rambling about my eclectic taste in music, mainly because I could NOT pass up the opportunity for some A-list alliteration, but as fun as it was, I didn’t get a chance to mention any of the … Continue reading

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