Family & Food, What Could Be Better?

Hey there! Hope everyone had a great Saturday! I just got back from Christmas #1 with my mom’s side of the family in Nashville. Check out this house I saw on the drive in:

Sorry about the blur. I am the kind of dork that turns the car around and whips out my camera as I pass by again, but it was hard to drive at the same time! I’d have a fun time explaining that one to an officer! Think he’d let me off for my Christmas spirit?

We all met in West Nashville where my grandmother (known to everyone as Mammy) and my little 5 year old cousin Emma live. The eats for the night were quite a mixture of things. Mammy made a gorgeous ham, rolls, chicken salad, and her famous orange cake!

My aunt Audrey came with my two cousins, Nick and Sean. She brought 7 layer salad, cream cheese sausage rolls, and piggies in a blanket.

My little sister baked her first ever pumpkin bread! It seems like I must be rubbing off on her a bit because she took pictures throughout to “document” the process! That made me smile! 🙂 And it turned out great!

Since I’ve been cooking up enough soup this week to feed an army, I took all the leftovers with me to share along with some cookie FAIL crumbles.

Spicy African Peanut Soup, Beef Vegetable Soup from yesterday’s potluck, and Creamy Pumpkin soup. The beef vegetable soup was the biggest hit…my family is so plain and normal! My mom brought the eggnog, boiled custard, and crackers with spinach dip!

And of course, I HAD to try a little bit of everything!

Apparently, Emma likes the piggies more than the blankets!

Haha! I love the pic of Mammy caught off guard on the bottom, second from the left!

I love the holidays. I love how it brings families and friends together. But I don’t believe that it should be the only part of the year where this happens. I am really very fortunate to have my family all living so close to me and I should take more advantage of that.

I’ve decided what my New Year’s resolution will be this year: I plan to make spending time with my family MORE of a priority and stop letting my life be filled with other things that take time away from me.

What about you? Does your family live close? What do you do to stay more connected with them whether they be near or far?

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