10 Reasons Why I Work Out at Home

Hey everybody! Well, I made it through the week…today is officially my Friday! Since this week got off to a pretty rough start, I decided a little reward was in order for this gal!

Tonight, my sister and I had a little sushi and fro-yo date. The perfect end to a long and tiring week!

Peanut butter, vanilla, and chocolate fro-yo topped with some kind of awesome crunchy granola, cookie dough bits, bananas, whipped topping, and chocolate sprinkles…because sprinkles make everything better! 😉

So, during my workout this morning (heck yeah, two days in a row baby! Let it be known that I really, really hate getting up early to work out) my mind starting wandering to future blog posts…because let’s face it besides food and photography, that’s really all I think about!

I’ve had a couple of gym memberships in the past and I even had my very own personal trainer for a while. My problem is that I get really gung-ho about the membership at first and then, well…I lose my motivation. There’s just something about having to get up early in the morning, pack all your clothes for the day, shower in a 2×2 stall, and dress in a locker room that smells of old gym shoes. Or, if you decide to get your sweat on at the end of the day, you battle the crowds and almost always end up on a piece of equipment you hate eyeing the blonde on the elliptical and muttering obscenities under your breath while your glutes catch fire on the stair master. Oh wait, is that just me? My bad!

Anywho! I was thinking while sweating my arse off in my living room this morning how much more I like working out at home compared to going through the aforementioned stress of going to a gym.

Here’s a little list I came up with:

1. I get to listen to whatever music happens to be floating my boat at the time…Miley Cyrus, Taio Cruz, Beyonce, Three Days Grace, Skillet…yeah, I have a bit of an eclectic taste in music. These are actually all on the same playlist right now. Whateves…I do what I want!

2. Busting out into some “white girl” dance moves in the middle of my workout is completely acceptable, if not necessary. Bonus points for using the 5 pound dumbbell as a microphone.

3. Unlimited bathroom and water breaks. No line here yo!

4. On particular lazy morning workouts, pj bottoms and a sports bra is considered the perfect workout attire.

5. No need to feel self-conscious about how freakishly pale I am without makeup on, holding a 2 minute plank for 20 seconds, or the fact that I am working out in my pajamas.

6. No funky smelling equipment or puddles of “mystery liquid” in my workout space.

7. Speaking of funky smells, 3 words…normal bodily functions. Hello cauliflower! 😉

8. My own personal workout cheerleader.

Don’t mind him, he’s just singing along to Beyonce!
“All my single ladies, all my single ladies…”

9. If at the end of a workout, I assume the chalk-man position in my living room floor, I don’t have to worry about that creepy looking guy (because all gyms have one of those) rushing over to me swearing he knows CPR!

10. The fact that I can be done with a workout and out of the shower in 15 minutes which gives me the rest of the morning to play with my food (aka fix breakfast) and catch up on my favorite blogs!

How do you feel about working out at the gym? Do you have a membership or do you sweat it out at the hizzouse?

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