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Thinking Out Loud: Embracing the ADD

Big thanks to AMANDA for giving me a reason to skip an intro today! 1. Remember that book I said I got sucked into on Monday night? Well, last night, I FINISHED IT! Such a good, easy read, but with … Continue reading

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Smiling Out Loud

So it’s Thursday…finally! Ever had one of those weeks that just seems to draaaaaaaaaag on by? I swear I’ve lived through two weeks since Saturday! While I’d really rather not get into the reason why my ¬†shitty weekend seems to … Continue reading

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My Glass is Half MARVELOUS!

Happy Monday my MARVELOUS friends! I was just thinking about how long it’s been since I linked up with the Diva and can you believe it’s been TWO WHOLE MONTHS?! I know…crazy, right? Well, I think today is the perfect … Continue reading

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