Smiling Out Loud

So it’s Thursday…finally!

Ever had one of those weeks that just seems to draaaaaaaaaag on by? I swear I’ve lived through two weeks since Saturday! While I’d really rather not get into the reason why my  shitty weekend seems to be following me around, I DO want to share with you guys some things from this week that have helped me crack a smile…


1. Seriously, does this need any sort of caption?!

Actually it does…because I still can’t decide if he’s reading along with me or melting into my arm! 😉

2. Remember how I mentioned some musically-inspired sweaty workouts? Well, one of them just happened to involve me…running a mile…in NINE MINUTES!

Christmas Presents

3. Christmas continues!

This little box of goodies could not have come at a better time! My girl Melissa SURE does know how to spoil me…foodie goodies, nail polish, and a bottle of stuff that I keep trying to remind myself is NOT edible! 😯

4. I treated myself to a little manicure the other day! No picture because I totally smudged like seven of my fingers about four minutes after they finished “drying” but I went with Essie’s A Crewed Interest topped with glitter because well, it’s GLITTER and we all know glitter makes everything better!

New Quest Bar Flavor5. &)&%^(&$%&#!!

Have you seen this?! Omg, seriously…I’m fanning myself! Now if I could only convince Quest that the next flavor needs to be blueberry muffin, my life will be complete!

6. My latest TWELVE accepted submissions from Foodgawker!


7. Wine o’clock!

This would be yesterday MORNING, when I came home from my shift at the hospital and cracked open my Christmas wine…you guys may be waking up and starting your days at 7am, but this was MY night cap…and I totally had a buzz after one little glass! #lightweight But then I slept for NINE hours! #winning

8. COMMAS, commas, commas, commas! 😆


9. I came, I saw, I conCURLED!

With my penchant for creating devastatingly humorous puns (and the sheer amount of humbleness I surround myself with), I just HAD to snap a selfie after I decided on a whim to break out the curling iron last night. It really is amazing what a little primping can do for the mood…

10. Especially since THIS is what my hair looked like before! 😯


Now hop on over to Spoons and check out the lists of LOUDNESS everyone else is linking up this week!

What has gotten you smiling this week?

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