Thinking Out Loud: Embracing the ADD

Big thanks to AMANDA for giving me a reason to skip an intro today!

Book - Dogs of Babel

1. Remember that book I said I got sucked into on Monday night? Well, last night, I FINISHED IT! Such a good, easy read, but with enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat! It’s funny, I only picked it up was because it was on the $2 rack at the bookstore a few months ago…ok, and I thought the cover was pretty! 😉

Madison's Banana Scones with PB Glaze

2. Banana scones with almond peanut butter glaze…you need these in your life STAT! As soon as I spied Madison’s post for these a couple weeks ago, I KNEW the fate of the two bananas lying on my kitchen counter. I took them to work with me and they were a HUGE hit! True story, this is only the second time I’ve used my almond flour and the last time, I made scones too!

3. Ok, so I know I’m pushing 30 now ♫ Ah, Push It! ♫, but have I really gotten so old that I can no longer appreciate currently trending “music”? Seriously, Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love”? Wtf IS that?! Surf board…? WHAT? I’m not linking that shit!

4. But I know I’m not THAT old! I heard a (relatively young-sounding) radio DJ refer to someone as being “long in the tooth” the other day. I have NEVER heard anyone use this phrase before. I looked it up and apparently it is another way of saying “old” and comes from the fact that horse’s teeth grow longer as they age. Weird!


5. I took Tiger to the vet over the weekend for his first check up in…three years? Better late than never, right? Don’t answer that. I’ll spare you the pics I took of him when we first walked into the office (think hair standing on end and ears flat) and leave you with this shot of my statuesque little man. Yeah, looking at this picture ALMOST makes me forget his recent terrorizing of my house.

6. Apparently my body has adopted a new sleep schedule. All this week, I’ve been going to bed around 9 or 10am…instead of faceplanting as soon as I get home…and have been sleeping until 6:30pm. So yeah, I’ve basically gotten NOTHING done this week.

7. These are seriously the CUTEST things I’ve ever seen in my life! Yeah, we won’t even talk about the amount of time I spent cruising Foodgawker, drooling over Valentines Day treats last night…and I have no intention whatsoever of making any of them!

Cookies & Cream Quest Bar

8. I FINALLY got my hands on a Cookies & Cream Quest bar last week. And the verdict? ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY AMAZING! The perfect balance of crunchy cookie and creamy…well, CREAM! I see a box in my not-so-distant future! ;

Vegan Pancake Fail with Cream Cheese & Jam

9. It’s funny all the new ways I can think to bastardize these vegan pancake fails…cream cheese and jam has been happening at LEAST once a day lately. Oh and I’m only halfway through the stash! That’s funny…right? Say yes or I’ll cry!

10. So this was supposed to be a super easy, “get ‘er done” type post so I could conquer my never-ending unread list on BlogLovin’, but then it took me like twenty minutes to title the damn thing and I swear, for every link I included on this post, an hour was lost to ADD…and this is the moment where I got my post title! 😆


Ok, I’m out! Be sure to check out Running with Spoons where we all have a chance to embrace our inner Dug the Dog! “SQUIRREL!” 😯

Are you easily distracted?

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