My Glass is Half MARVELOUS!

Happy Monday my MARVELOUS friends!

I was just thinking about how long it’s been since I linked up with the Diva and can you believe it’s been TWO WHOLE MONTHS?! I know…crazy, right? Well, I think today is the perfect day to jump back in because at first, all I saw when I thought back over the weekend was countless hours battling insomnia demons, getting maimed by my dental hygienist (how do you make water hurt?!), not getting to see the man-friend since he had a house emergency come up (busted water pipes…eek!), and finally, the discovery of Picture Purgatory…the place where all your photos disappear somewhere deep within the matrixes of your MacBook when you get trigger happy with the delete button. 🙁

BUT then I realized that my weekend wasn’t just that…actually, since I was awake more than I was asleep, it consisted of a whole lot more! Like…

Homemade Peanut Butter

Breaking in the new food processor the RIGHT way!

Let it be known that a higher-end food processor makes a WORLD of difference in the consistency…and the noise level of your kitchen! 😉

PB&J Granola -

A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL impromptu photo session with the beloved spawn of the creamy deliciousness shown above!

Why yes, I am just using this as an excuse to parade more pictures in front of you! You all know now that I have plenty more where that came from! 😉

Library Photography Books

A trip to the library for some “research” manuals!

Wannabe photographer soon to become a REAL BOY photographer! And umm, maybe I’ll learn how to finally use my camera in manual mode! 😯

Oh and I just want to say I’m SO glad you guys liked my “photo-fessions” yesterday! I’m thinking about putting together a few more posts soon with a little more detail on food-styling and photo editing. Would you guys be interested in that?


A couple of visits to a near EMPTY gym!

Seriously…UNHEARD of at this time of year! Guess all those resolutioners have other things to do at 1pm, which means more time for ME to frolic among all the brand new equipment that came in last month! Oh and the best part…

Running Goal Progress

Progress…sweet, sweet PROGRESS!!

Last month, I made a goal to run a mile without stopping before Valentine’s Day. I’ve been walking on the treadmill for weeks now, building up my speed, but a few days ago, I decided to mix it up and do some walking and some running. Well, without even realizing it, yesterday, I ran a WHOLE MILE! 😀

Cue the happy dance!!

Seriously, it feels SO good to run again. It feels like it’s been ages. I sort of lost interest in running before my knee ever started bothering me, but I swear, after my surgery, it was all I wanted to do…I’m sure only because I couldn’t. Next goal: 5K!

Broccoli Daddy's B-Day LunchBroccoli Daddy’s VERY belated birthday lunch!

None of us is sure how exactly this happened, time just got away from us, but my dad’s birthday was back in September and we never got the chance to celebrate. He thought we were just having a family lunch, but Broccoli Mama, Sister, and I surprised him with a new desk chair and a pizza party with his favorites: ham and pineapple pizza, bread sticks, and cookie pizza for dessert!

I also picked up a new-to-me beverage on the recommendation of a coworker. It took a few sips, but I really liked it…more beer-tasting with a wine aftertaste. They have one mixed with Merlot and one with Sauvignon blanc too that I want to try next!


And finally, starting a new book and loving on my little fur-man!

After a trip to the pet store for carpet cleaner, a pheromone-releasing collar to help with stress-related behavior, and a bag of his favorite treats and then a THOROUGH brushing (I forgot how much he likes that), I think he is on his way to not peeing on all my shit recovery from his little bout of separation anxiety!


Now if I could just convince him that the Nora Roberts book my mom let me borrow really IS worth the time! 😉

MIMMBe sure to head on over to Katie’s blog, gush over her adorable little man, leave her some love, and then check out all the other fun link ups!

Tell me, what was marvelous about YOUR weekend?

Any specific questions out there on food-styling/editing?


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