Tortilla Tuesday: A Tale of Food Fixation

I have a very addictive personality.

Whether it’s shirking all responsibilities in order to finish reading my latest book series, watching ALL the episodes of a new favorite show in one day, or listening to a song on repeat…for the FIFTH time in a row, I can’t help myself. When I find something I love, I basically have to breathe it.

Same thing goes for food…ok, maybe not so much as that would cause aspiration, sepsis, and possibly death. Ohhh, medical nerd alert! 😉 But seriously, you guys know I’m no stranger to what I like to refer to as my “food phases”…well, this year, I’m starting with a new one…


Turkey & Cheese Wrap with Potatoes and Kabocha

The {insanely} delicious turkey wrap from my last WIAW post was only the beginning.

There have been tortillas for breakfast…

Breakfast Banana Wrap

Wrapped up with vanilla Greek yogurt, banana, and PB&J Granola!

Tortillas for lunch…

Tortilla Quesadilla 2

Turkey, cheddar, and apple quesadilla!

Tortilla Quesadilla 1

Topped with fig jam post pic…which brings back memories of ANOTHER phase of mine!

And tortillas for DINNER…

Tortilla Pizza 1

And yeah, I’m basically a FREAKING GENIUS for this combo…

Tortilla Pizza 2

Caramelized onion and fig dip as a base (yes, a YEAR later and I’m still hoarding the last few spoonfuls), topped with parmesan cheese, mushrooms, onions, turkey, and parsley…HOLEEEEEEY YUM!

All I can say is I’m glad I “rescued” these babies from the man-friend’s house a couple of weeks ago. To think, he was gonna let something as small as a four-month-old expiration date keep him from such deliciousness. But you know what that means…


More for ME! 😆

What is your FAVORITE way to eat tortillas?

What was/is your latest food phase?

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