I’m Sexy and It’s Snowin’!

Hey hey to all my FIIIIIIINE ladies and gents out there!

It’s Thursday…it’s cold…and my mind is POPPIN’! So let’s hear it for our girl Amanda for giving us all an excuse to let loose and GET LOUD!


Sexy Tee Selfie

1. I swear I will eventually shut up about the weather, but seriously, it was BELOW freezing all last week. This weekend, it got up to nearly 60 degrees (Fahrenheit)…I wore SHORTS to the gym (and this top I forgot I bought when on vacation)! And now, as I draft this post, there are snow flurries blowing around outside. Umm, is it the end of the world? Did I miss the memo?

2. I don’t know if it’s the stress of our impending armageddon, or what, but my face is STILL revolting against me. First it was dry skin, next was an acne flare up (Really? Aren’t I a bit old for that?!), and last night, the skin between my upper and lower lips cracked…OUCH! I don’t know what else to do…coconut oil, exfoliators, facial masks…seriously, this is not helping with my sexiness!

3. I may be hating my skin, but one thing I’m loving? Baby muscles! After all the walking/running/whatever I’ve been doing lately, I looked down yesterday and noticed that my side calf (not to be confused with half CAFF) is like BAM, IN YO’ FACE!

Gym Leg Machine Rep Counter

4. Speaking of workouts, remember how I mentioned the new equipment at the gym? Well, I think I’m in love with the lower leg machines. They have little rep AND time counters on them. Oh and we got one that looks a lot like this and omg, it’s awesome!

Nora Roberts Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy

5. Besides gaining mutant-sized calf muscles, I’ve been FLYING through some pages at the gym lately! I just finished reading the first of the Nora Roberts books that my mom loaned me last week…and I only started it FOUR DAYS ago! Side note: aren’t they gorgeous?

6. I decided to get a book light. Since I have so much trouble in the sleep department, I figured it would help to have less light around me when I’m reading before bed. Turns out the cute little clip-on ends up causing more frustration than its worth…and that tiny LED light freaking blinded me!

7. With all this time spent getting back in touch with my inner bookworm I’ve gotten SO behind on my blogger “responsibilities”. Blog comments, emails, and letters need responses and well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t purposefully making excuses NOT to open up my blog reader with its 200+ unread posts! 😯 *gulp*

Kiddie Cereal

8. Oh and there’s been no time to “waste” in the kitchen either. I basically haven’t eaten anything that takes longer than 5 minutes to “assemble”. Snack plates, tortillas any which way I can wrap ’em, and of course, cereal. Hey, there was a sale annnnnd what can I say, I’m an equal opportunity cereal-killer! 😉

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Banana Wrap

9. While I’m not really complaining about my hodge-podge meals, I feel it doesn’t really help in the food blogger aspect of my life. Baaaaaa-HUT I did manage to whip up something on the fly yesterday that I’ll be sharing tomorrow in my first #strangebutgood link up in like two months. Hmm, January is quickly becoming the month of LONG lost LINK UPS, no?

10. Of course, there HAS been bit of behind-the-scenes blog work. Maybe you’ve noticed the addition of the Glam ads? Yeah, it only took me THREE months to get them up! Ha! I’ve also put on my big girl pants and gotten back to submitting pictures to Foodgawker…I got my feelings hurt after like TEN declinations last March and gave up. Since last week, I’ve submitted nine…only TWO have been accepted. Ugh, are you guys SURE you want photo-tips from me?! 😉


While you ponder that, why don’t you hop on over to Spoons, check out all the other links of randomness today and maybe even leave some of your own in the comment section? As for me, I’m off to find out where I can get a pair of rainbow animal print shorts!

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle YEAH! 😉

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