Winter Realizations

So you know how I said I wasn’t going to fill yesterday’s post with my complaints about the weather? Well, I can’t hold it back any longer. I’ve noticed a few things and while I know I only live in the south and it could be FAR worse…


I’d still like to say, Mother Nature can SUCK IT!

Here in Tennessee, we have some of the coldest and wettest winters…usually sans snow but with a WHOLE lot of black ice, wind, and general grayness. Since I’ve basically lived nowhere else, I’ve come to accept most of this, but still, every year I have a new or REPEAT (not to be confused with Re-Pete) realization…

Winter Selfie

1. I’m wearing so much coconut oil that I’m basically a human slip ‘n slide.

2. And yet I STILL have a patch of dry skin above my upper lip…I can’t decide if it makes me look like a toddler who’s had too much red Koolaid or an evil German dictator.

3. I have ZERO motivation to do anything…and when you DO nothing, you HAVE nothing…to blog about!

4. When I do do something (*snort*), I’m crabby about it…stupid constricting clothes, frickin’ static, idiot waiter sitting us RIGHT by the door…forgive me man-friend for the things I said this weekend out of hanger and hermitness. 😳

5. Or I just do incredibly stupid things with my idle time…like delete HALF the pictures off my computer! Luckily, after three days of scrolling through pics in my trash bin, I think I have them all back…wow, THAT was a fun weekend! #facetopalm

Snow 2014

6. It is incredibly hard, if not IMPOSSIBLE to scrape the ice off the windshield of an SUV…my arms are long, but there not THAT long! And those scrapers with extensions? Bought one last weekend and it does NOT work! 🙁

7. If my nose isn’t running, it’s bleeding…and I’ve only had a nosebleed ONCE in my entire life!

8. All my friends and family (including the man-friend) are sick…pray for me while I back myself into a corner and throw back an entire bottle of vitamin C tablets!

9. I’m pretty sure my water bill is going to be doubled since I continue standing there for ten minutes after I’m finished rinsing myself.

10. The weatherman reported a high of six today but with the wind chill, it feels like NEGATIVE FIFTEEN!

Winter 2014

There are times to be upbeat and positive and there are times to piss and moan collectively! So c’mon, let it out…

What is YOUR biggest gripe this winter?

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