Confessions of a Seasonal Hermit

It’s no secret that I hate the cold.

Seasonal Hermit Snow

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In the summer, you can find me frolicking around in my summer dresses and flippy floppies, happy as can be, but come November and on into APRIL (I swear we have the longest winters), I climb into my little hermit shell and pretty much lose any desire to go anywhere or do anything.

As the temperatures recently plummeted (yes, I am allowed to be that dramatic when it is eight degrees BELOW ZERO and it’s windy as shi…Chicago! 😉 ), I started to realize some of my cold weather quirks…

Hair Dryer

When showering, I spend at LEAST 5 minutes stalling under the hot water, just so I don’t have to get out and freeze. Once out, I dry off at a lightning fast speed and then make a beeline to the blow dryer…but not to dry my hair. Nope, I use it to warm my shivering body!


I spend my mornings slowly sipping coffee that I insist on warming in the microwave every 5 minutes because I swear it’s not hot enough. By the afternoon, I make the switch to herbal tea, or sometimes I just hold a mug of hot water to my face.

All while wrapped up in my favorite fuzzy robe AND under the electric blanket that the man-friend bought me last year for Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, if you guys have never seen A Christmas Story (my all-time favorite holiday movie), then you really need to watch this little video…because EVERY time I leave the house, I feel like Alfie’s kid brother in all those layers.

I can’t put my arms dowwwwwwwwwwwwwn!


That being said, it only makes sense to make the most of those layers…and you know, buy every single pair of fleece-lined leggings I can find at TJ Maxx! 😉

And when I DO have to go out of the house,


I hop in Elvira, crank her heat up to 90°F, put the butt warmers heated seats on full blast, annnnnnnnnnd…

Movies - Thor 2

Make sure the evening ends on a steamy note!

Shhh, don’t tell the man-friend!

Seriously though, this movie was even BETTER than the first one! Surprisingly, Tom Hiddleston (who plays Loki) provides a lot of comic relief and Chris Hemsworth? Well, he just does a fantastic job of playing muscly man meat…I mean a NORSE GOD!

And let me just say, it took me longer to edit that first picture than it did to type this entire post…from the comfort of my bed now that I have a new WORKING modem…no thanks to the idiot kid working at Best Buy…but that’s a story for another day! 😉

Do you have any special keep-warm quirks?

Anyone else feel extremely claustrophobic in winter coats?

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