WIAW: Back From Hiatus

Alternate title: Where the HELL has Broccoli been?!

I know, I know…it’s been a while since I’ve partied…SIX WEEKS to be exact! 😯 As someone who has been participating in Jenn’s fun-filled foodie finkup since the beginning, I once thought I would never miss a celebration. But over these last several weeks, I got to thinking…after hitting MY rock bottom last month, I started looking at things a bit differently…and I STOPPED putting so much emphasis on my meals. I know this seems a little weird coming from a food blogger, but honestly, I think it was the best thing for me.

WIAW Broccoli's Back

When I participated in WIAW early on, I used to just snap pictures all willy nilly, never really giving much thought to how it all came together. Then, as time went on and I developed more of a “writer’s perspective”, I started trying to make it more entertaining and make a story out of each one…OR I would dwell on the “balance” for the day…which would obviously change my food choices.

When I stopped feeling compelled to take a picture of every.single.thing I ate, eating began to feel natural…and normal. So much so that sometimes I couldn’t even remember what I had for lunch the day before! And while this may not be conducive to food blogging, I hope you guys will cut me some slack on the food front while I work on sorting things out.

All that being said, I DO have a WIAW post for you today!

Luckily, I’ve been repeating some meals over the last week or so, so I actually have a picture of everything I ate yesterday…plucked from the FULLY RESTORED photo library (hal-lay-LOOYAH!) and ready for your viewing pleasure. And since this was a working night, we have twenty-four food-filled hours…or 1440 mouth-watering minutes! 😉

The “day” started at 12:30am with a mug of green tea and a Kabocha Donut eaten between patients!

Chocolate-Glazed Kabocha Donut

Only mine was dipped instead of “glazed”. 😉

A few hours later, at 3:30am, I indulged in another mouthgasmic cookie dough Quest bar and I guess I was thirsty because I ended up chugging a 32oz bottle of water.

Quest Bar

Is it sad that I’m hoarding the last bar I have of this box now? I think I may hunt down some heads-up pennies and horseshoes before getting more…fingers crossed the next box is just as doughy!

Once my shift ended, I made my way home through the “snow” and ice. I walked in the door and KNEW I needed something warm in my belly…but it had to be quick because it was getting close to 8am and I was fading fast!

Tasty Bite Rice with Egg, Guac, & Salsa

Enter Tasty Bite’s Ginger Lentil Rice (review coming soon) topped with a fried egg, some pre-made guac, a spoonful of salsa, and a drizzle of my favorite hot sauce!

YolkpornHit…the…SPOT! 🙂

For some reason, I’ve been waking up earlier than usual lately and this day was no different. Right at 1:00pm, I was wide awake…and suddenly ravenous! Since I just hopped out of my 100 degree bed…thank you man-friend for buying me that electric blanket in 2012 (wow, that sounds like forever ago!)…it was time for a bowl of my current obsession…

Cereal Banana Peanut Flour

Corn Chex mixed with Mom’s Best “Lucky Charms” and topped with peanut flour, half a banana, and some almond milk! I think I could eat this every day…wait, I HAVE! 😉

After I finished eating, I worked on some chores around the house…because the thought of going outside made my bones hurt…high of 18? I don’t THINK SO!

Mini Pops and Cherry M&M's

At 5:30pm I was feeling tired again…but snacky too so I tossed back two or three handfuls of salty and sweet deliciousness: White cheddar Mini Pops and cherry cordial M&M’s (which taste EXACTLY like chocolate-covered cherries…SO good!).

After my little schmack, I laid down for about an hour before it was time to get up and get ready for work! On before heading out the door, I made a cup of half-caff (ha, I just typed calf!) coffee and took it with me on the road…

Broccoli Coffee

Actually it was in a travel cup, but this one is prettier! Moooo! 😉

A couple of hours after my shift started, I had some down time for dinner so I opened my lunch bag and pulled out the tupperware blue plate special!

Turkey & Cheese Wrap with Potatoes and Kabocha

Grilled Wrap with turkey, Swiss, kale, pickled red cabbage (like sauerkraut only sweeter), and some smokey onion mustard with roasted red potatoes and kabocha on the side…all eaten cold because I was too lazy to walk to the break room to use the microwave it taste better that way, right Arman?

I washed this down with a lime flavored LaCroix and then ended up drinking ANOTHER 32oz of water before the clock struck midnight…not bad for not trying…definitely a proud moment in my intuitive eating journey! 😀

What’s the best thing you ate yesterday?

Other linker-uppers, has participating in WIAW ever caused you to overly scrutinize your food choices? 

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