Marvelous THIS, Marvelous THAT!

Happy Mondaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Whew! Can you tell I just had my cup of coffee? Can you? Can you? CAN YOU?! But N-E-ways, I have a confession…I’ve been sitting here staring at the photos on my computer for about 20 minutes now debating on what I wanted to post about today…


But since I just happened to forget to upload a CRAPTON of pictures from Nikki before heading off to work, I’m going to save my Week in Review for tomorrow because I’ve got an idea for a post that I’m kinda patting myself on the back for right now! 😉

Plus, last week kinda sucked (hard nights at work, little to no sleep (except for the day I took a Benedryl, slipped into a ten-hour coma, and was almost late to work!), and unfortunately, a lot of emotional eating, BUT things really started to turn around after the weekend hit and ended up being pretty damn MARVELOUS so let’s talk about that instead, mmmkay??

It allllllll started with a little double-yolk action on Thursday…

Double Yolk

The second of THREE I would have in a week from a carton I picked up at Costco! Seriously…I should have played the friggin’ lotto!

Then there was a little bit of this…

Foam Rolling

For the record, the bumpy ones hurt like )#%@*^!! the BEST!

A little bit of that…

Weights & Cardio

Upper body weights and my first pain-free jaunt on the elliptical!

And of course a whole lot of THIS…


Gotta take a minute to appreciate the ASS-ets

There’s just something about an empty room, a wall of mirrors, and a pair of good-fitting yoga pants that makes you forget about all the negative body issues you’ve been having  for the last few days! 🙂

On Friday, there was more of this…

Foam Rollers

Did I MENTION that the bumpy ones hurt like )#%@*^!! the BEST?!

More of that…

Gym Selfie

Sorry Arman, no twerking today! 😉

Oh and some of THIS…

Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin FREAKIN’ Chili!!

Recipe coming…as soon as I can snap some decent photos!

On Saturday, there was some of this…

Bacon & PancakesBacon graciously cooked by the man-friend (since it kinda skeeves me out) and pancakes graciously STACKED by moi!

Oh and can I just say…

Pancake WTF?!What….The…Effffff?!

Three different pans, one burner on ONE temperature setting with three VERY different results! The Pancake Queen was NOT happy…recipe coming soon! But anywho, back to my story…

Some of that…

Fire & Marshmallows


Had a little shin-dig with the besties and our sig figs…a night filled with good food, laughs, and SO many memories from the high school years…I may or may not be feeling a  bit old now!

So obviously there had to be some of THIS…


Ermahgerd Schmores!!! 

Ohhhh, you liked that didn’t you, Sam? 😉

And then finally, on Sunday, there was a little bit of this…


Costco FTW!

Hoping to get some more lucky double yolks in this pack and can we say HELLO score on the persimmons? Only $7 for nine of those sweet little suckers!

A little bit of that…

K&S Market

Can’t wait to put that kabocha and lentils to some GOOD use!

And the highlight of the day was some much-needed THIS…

Me & Broccoli MamaBroccoli Mama love!!! <3

Seriously, it had been like THREE weeks since I’d seen the beautiful woman who brought me into this world…and that was three weeks TOO long! Unfortunately, the only way I could see her was to drop by her work, but luckily we got about an hour to chat!

MIMMAs always, a BIG thank you to Miss Katie for hosting our favorite Monday linkup…because it’s always great to start the week off on a MARVELOUS note!

What did YOU do this weekend?

Have you ever gotten a double yolk?

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