What I Ate Wednesday: Open Sesame!

Hello lovelies and welcome to another edition of WIAW here on Kiss My Broccoli!

It seems without really trying that I dedicated this day to a certain jar of goodness, and no, this time I’m not referring to one of my beloved nut butters! I’m talking about some sesame goodness in the form of tahini!

Now I know that tahini is no secret for all us bloggers, but a year or so ago, I was like, “taha-what??”

Tahini is simply a paste made from ground sesame seeds. It’s frequently used in Middle Eastern recipes, in dips and dressings, and in hummus due to the creaminess that it lends to the overall recipe. So what’s the big deal about ground up sesame seeds, you ask?

“Tahini contains B Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B15. B vitamins play an essential part in the running of the body. They promote healthy cell growth and division, including that of red blood cells, which will help prevent anemia. They also support and increase the rate of metabolism, enhance immune and nervous system function as well as helping to maintain healthy skin and muscle tone. Recent studies have also shown that Vitamin B can help protect against one of the most deadly forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer, but only when consumed in food.” [source]

Yeah, some pretty good stuff in there and along with being a powerhouse of B vitamins, it just tastes great!

So now that we’ve had a little lesson on tahini, let’s get on to today’s eats, shall we?

6:30am: Hot water with lemon + 1 tsp honey
I missed my coffee :*(

7:30am: HEAB Oats ala choco-tahini

1 cup rolled oats cooked in 2 cups water with cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. Topped with a drizzle of tahini and 1 Baker’s unsweetened chocolate square.

Chewy vitamins & calcium
Because I’m a kid and chewy vitamins are much more fun!

12:15pm: Hugh Jass salad with balsamic dressing + Matt’s white bean hummus, pita bread, and H2O

This bowl is HUGE! 1.75 quarts to be exact! My truckload of veggies included: chopped collards, shredded carrots, sliced mini sweet peppers, tomatoes, and shredded cauliflower.

Round the clock: Herbal tea with some Rad Tech love! <3

5:00pm: Lundberg rice cake, 1/2 pack Smooth Operator PB, bloobs

What’d you call me?!

I picked up a carton of kumquats at the store when I went to buy ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Just to let you guys know, I am a complete sucker for new-to-me fruits and veggies. I can’t believe I paid $3.50 for these buggers!

As soon as I got home, I popped two of these little cuties…interesting! At first, it had the tart tanginess of a grapefruit, but then was quickly followed by an intense sweetness that left a nice aftertaste. Definitely different…I may need a few more “tastes” though before I decide whether I like them or not.

And now, for the best meal of the day:

7:30pm: Sesame Chicken with Veggie “Spaghetti”

I knew when I saw Elise’s veggie squash noodles the other day, that I would be making it for myself in the NEAR future! I’d like you to meat meet the non-vegan version of Elise’s creation!

Roasted spaghetti squash with sautéed mushrooms (because I just HAD to have some after seeing Jessica’s post today), bell peppers, and tomatoes topped with sesame chicken and Elise’s mock cheese sauce, which I am now naming “Humfredo Sauce”

I didn’t measure anything, but the mix is similar to the recipe she posted:

  • 1/4 cup hummus–I used up the last of Matt’s white bean hummus. All gone! 🙁
  • 2 tablespoon nutritional yeast
  • 1/8 cup unsweetened almond milk

FABULOSO! Best dinner ever! Wait, I’m sure I’ve said that before…ok, let me rephrase…best spaghetti squash dinner ever! 😉

Vegetarian, Vegan, whatever…you HAVE got to try this! You will fall in love!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday and enjoyed the WIAW special!

Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? How about kumquats?



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49 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday: Open Sesame!

  1. Lee says:

    Yes to the spaghetti squash, no to the kumquats. They sound interesting though.

  2. kumquats are … interesting! I haven’t decided yay or nay yet! LOVE spaghettis quash! I make baked ziti out of mine! =)

    ohmygosh heather, as always – gorgeous presentation! Everything looks fantastic! <3 I have this recipe bookmarked for later – the squash dish is just too pretty not to make/eat! <3 linking you up right now! thanks love!

  3. caitlinoco says:

    My family in Florida has a kumquat tree in their yard. Whenever I visit it’s countless kumquats straight from the tree, skin and all! I also love tahini, I’ve been thinking about trying the HEAB oats!

  4. I’m going to start eating more tahini!!! YAY for healthy skin and more muscle tone! 😀

    I absolutely adore Spaghetti Squash!!! but I’ve never had a kumquat. Must admit, I’ve never heard of them before. 🙂 They are so cute though!!! Like little itty bitty orangles in the shapes of grapes. 🙂


    • I only know about them because of blogworld. I think I first spotted them on Allie’s blog (LiveLaughEat). I couldn’t pass them up…they’re just too cute! And you can pop them just like grapes! The peel is edible.

  5. BrittFit says:

    AHH this looks amazing! I need to try that “spaghetti”! and all your eats look very clean and fresh…..great for the incoming spring weather 🙂

  6. Never had a kumquat, but I lurve me some spaghetti squash! I’ve totally made many variations on the humfredo sauce in the past… I love it!

  7. hot water and lemon is the best if you feel you need a cleanse. i cant have the honey (diabetic) but im off to grab some now. mmmmm 🙂

  8. lindsay says:

    I kumquats and tahini. Maybe not together, or maybe so??? Hmm….But those little fruits are just stinkin cute. Their juices make a good dressing too!

  9. Lol is that real chicken? I can’t tell!

  10. i have tried NEITHER!! crazy i know.. i cnt find the right squash nor have i ever seem kumquats in london! i have some tahini- afraid to eat it plain.. but you have convinced me!

  11. Love spaghetti squash, but I’ve never tried kumquats. I hear mixed reviews on them, and so I was anxious to hear your thoughts.

    Just finishing off some oatmeal in the tahini jar and kicking myself b/c I forgot the ginger and turmeric. I love tahini so so SO much, and so happy to see you share my fascination with it. I know a lot of people think it’s too bitter, but I love it straight outta the jar. So good! Drinking a big mug of coffee in your honor right now. It’s decaf – I miss caffeine too!

    Dinner looked fabulous. I love using hummus as a sauce.

  12. Namaste Gurl says:

    You’re eat are super clean, yummy, and overall super healthy! Way to go girl, you definitely hit the basket when it comes to health and presentation. 🙂
    I take that back- can we just start living together? I promise I’ll help with the cooking and grocery shopping! 🙂
    *I esp. LOVE your dinner! Hummus and nooch? Yes, please.

  13. wow, this is so gourmet!!! yummo. i’m a crazy vegan, so i am gonna have to try that hummus. delicious. now i need to eat.

    giveaway!! yay!!!!

  14. Your spaghetti squash looks SO GOOD!! I haven’t made any in a long time! I definitely want to try this very soon!!!

    P.S. I take gummy vitamins too!! I’m horrible at swallowing pills!… lol 😐

  15. I totally take gummy vitamins! I just take the princess ones… 😀

  16. I’m not the HUGEST fan of tahini but the viamin B bit is something I didn’t know, and I’m willing to eat it just for that (I don’t hate it, just not a big fan, y’know?)

    I DO, however, adore spaghetti squash and the idea of hummus + nooch + spaghetti squash sounds like HEAVEN. oh my god. i want.


    • I totally get what you mean about the tahini! I’m the exact same way about kombucha! I’m convinced that there is a flavor out there that will swoon me and I’ll be forever converted!

  17. Oh this all looks so good. I just recently started using tahini and am really liking it.

  18. love all of your meals they look delicious, I have tried kumqats they are awesome soo cute and citrusy !

  19. Loooove spag squash! Oranges are my fave fruit, so I must try the kumquat.

  20. Jenny says:

    I love spaghetti squash but I hate having to open it and seed it. Blehh. Those oats look delicious!

  21. Love spaghetti squash but never tried kumquats. The name always makes me giggle though. 😀

    And white bean hummus is so much better than regular hummus to me. Love!

  22. What a healthy day you had! My tummy longs for a day like this. I had a latte and pumpkin bread for lunch today. So busy with work and forgot to pack a lunch. Sniff, sniff…

  23. I just had spaghetti squash last night 🙂 I love it! I’ve never had kumquats before, but they’re so cute. That makes me want to try them!

  24. I have been meaning to try the Tahini stuff but never get myself to do it! How does it taste? I am so addicted to my Justin’s maple almond butter I just don’t know if I have it in me to switch!! haha I have actually never had a kumkuat…I love trying new things though so I might have to pick me up some!

    • Oh, Justin’s maple AB is my favorite! Tahini is definitely not sweet like the almond butter…it’s more earthily nutty tasting (does that make sense?). If you like sesame crackers, then I think you will like tahini. I will be honest though, the first time I tried it over a year ago, I was not a fan. I kinda had to work my way up to having it plain by mixing it into foods and of course, hummus! Let me know what you think if you give it a try!

  25. elise says:

    humfredo! perfect! i was originally going to call it unfredo or alfredont, but i think this is a better name. good call!

  26. Yes to spaghetti squash…love the stuff! Yes to kumquats, but eh, don’t love them. I wish I ate what you did yesterday! That looks like a perfect group of eats!

  27. Your pictures are gorgeous, totally perfect!

  28. Ma Ma Megan says:

    mmm I love me some tahini 🙂

    I want to try kumquats so bad but they are always super duper expensive!

    • I tried them again last night…verdict: if you like oranges and clementines, just stick with oranges and clementines! They’re good, but not good enough to justify shelling out major dough for them!

  29. Priyanka says:

    Spaghetti squash yes, kumquats no. I am always happy that the blog world keeps my knowledge about new foods updated 🙂

  30. lona says:

    Good heavens, thanks very much for posting this! It is gonna aid me when I buy Sesame Tahini at the store! Crazy!

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