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Spaghetti Squash with Creamy Avocado Sauce

 Incredibly filling, this spaghetti squash dish, topped with creamy, garlicky avocado sauce, is ready in 30 minutes or less…and you’d never guess it’s VEGAN! What’s that? A SAVORY dish?! I know, I know…I was a bit surprised myself when I first concocted this … Continue reading

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Grilled & Marvelous

Hello there, my lovely readers! How was your weekend? Or better yet, how was your WEEK? Was it MARVELOUS?! I skipped out on ya yesterday, didn’t I? Well, there’s a very good explanation for that… It’s called…my sanity! Yep, I … Continue reading

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Ah, Cook It

Now wait a minute, y’all This post ain’t for every veggie Only the sexy squash So all you fly gourds, get on out there and cook COOK, I said! ♫ Spaghetti squash’s here, its raw, and cut in half… ♫ ♫ Want you … Continue reading

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