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Thinking Out Loud: Park Eats & Pumpkin Treats

What? Three posts in one week? Who am I?!?  I hope you guys got a bit of entertainment out of yesterday’s hyperactive post. I swear I wasn’t even riding a caffeine high when I wrote it. I guess…well, I guess I … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Yolkporn

Hallow! For the record, I’m saying that in my best Labryinth worm accent! 😉 Ok, since it’s NOT Wednesday, I feel I should give you guys some sort of warning before proceeding any further with this post…if you are hungry, … Continue reading

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Grilled & Marvelous

Hello there, my lovely readers! How was your weekend? Or better yet, how was your WEEK? Was it MARVELOUS?! I skipped out on ya yesterday, didn’t I? Well, there’s a very good explanation for that… It’s called…my sanity! Yep, I … Continue reading

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