Saved By the Bloggers!

Hey guys! Happy Pancake Sunday for the LAST time at the old casa…and I mean that this time! 😉

I spoke with the realtor last night and she got me all anxious to see the house again. The appliances are installed and the hardwood floors/carpet has been placed. She told me that the stain I chose looks perfect and compliments the kitchen cabinets really well! We have a meeting planned for Tuesday after I get off work to do the final walk through of the house before closing! I can’t wait to see it!

For this week’s Pancake Sunday celebration, I got a little help from my girl Janetha! I bookmarked her 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Protein Pancakes MONTHS ago and today was the perfect day to try them out since a.) I’m out of eggs and milk and b.) I packed the baking soda and powder (oops!).

These seriously cannot get any easier guys and they taste like they’re made from scratch!

All you need for your own pumpkin pancake lovin’!
cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice (spices don’t count as ingredients, right?)

And since I’m a sucker for add-ins…raisins!

Topped with Maple Cinnamon Peanut Butter thinned with a little water

Doesn’t this look like a HEAB shot?

The perfect breakfast to fuel the last full day of packing!

I am proud to say that I really can’t think of anything else that needs to be done around this place until it’s time to load it all on the truck! I moved all the boxes out into the garage yesterday and today I cleaned/vacuumed the rooms that are now empty…talk about a workout! I forgot how much vacuuming the entire house can get your heart rate up! Whew!

After all that work, I decided to reward myself with this:

Haha! Just kidding! 😉

I have a friend at work that is always requesting chocolate goodies. I promised him that I would bring something in with me tomorrow, but with a limited pantry supply, baked goods were not an option. Then I remembered my can of coconut milk in the cupboard…HEAB to the rescue with her 2 Ingredient Chocolate Fudge!

That my friends would be 1 Lindt 90% bar, 1 Ghiradelli 72% bar, what was left of the TJ’s semi-sweet chocolate challets (65%), and a dark chocolate bar from my favorite purple bird. Then, I realized I was still a little short, so…

Yes, those are dark chocolate Hershey kisses leftover from Christmas…no shame!

The aftermath

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4…ok, so maybe I just threw that one in there! 😉

All ready to chill with Frio!

I’m thinking if I go ahead and cut it into squares, no one will know if I sneak a piece or two! Shhh! Our little secret!

Speaking of secrets, a little secret of mine is that I rarely ever choose the title of my post until the end…now that I’ve titled it, I can’t get the intro song to Saved By the Bell out of my head! Haha!

What was your favorite show growing up?
I was such a TV junkie when I was younger…Saved By the Bell, Full House, Boy Meets World, oh and remember Blossom? Haha! I used to love listening to Six talk!

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