Good morning loverlies! Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Since I posted early yesterday, I thought I’d do the same today. I’m making a trip to Nash-vegas today to have lunch with a couple of friends and do a WF’s/TJ’s run (yaaaaay!) so I may not have time/feel like posting later tonight.

Yesterday, I decided was going to be a much-needed “me day” so after posting, I thought I’d do a bit of exploring around my new area before my hair and massage appointments. There is a huge park on my side of town that is absolutely covered with biking/hiking trails and I discovered yesterday that I can reach those trails by a path not far from my subdivision!

Here are a few pics taken with my iPhone while on the trails:

Everything was just hunky-dory! The weather was nice (75 degrees with a slight overcast), beautiful scenery, birds a-tweeting and then…I got LOST!

I started out on the trails at 11:00am. I took this pic on my phone when I got to a place where I figured it was time to turn around and head back to the house:

Note that the time is 12:10

Ok, so you figure a leisurely hike, stopping to take pictures and enjoying the scenery in about an hour…should take a little less than that to make it back home, right? WRONG!

I finally made it back at 1:40!! I eventually gave up on trying to figure out the right trail to get on after I passed the same stump THREE times. I ended up hiking up a ginormous hill and coming out in someone’s backyard…and then the person came out on their back deck as I was making the trekking up…AWKKKKKward! :-/

Once, I got to the main road and figured out where I was, it took about 20 minutes to walk home. Then I had to jump in the shower, grab a super quick bite to eat and head back out the door for my appointments! Oh, by the way, the Edamame Millet Burger tastes ahhhhhhhmazing on a whole wheat bagel thin with roasted pine nut hummus! Mmm!

After my massage, where I left feeling perfectly noodle-ly, I stopped by a new-to-me fro-yo place called Berry Bear for a little treat. After my morning in the woods, I figured I deserved all the self-pampering I could afford!

Strawberry, coconut, and taro yogurts with coconut flakes, bloobs, almonds, granola, and a few pieces of mochi.

The rest of the night was spent with Jillian (hey, I needed a shower anyway) and then with my bootay on the couch and my laptop on my lap doing some blog reading! I did absolutely nothing as far as the house goes, but who cares…the house will still be here today and tomorrow…my sanity?…possibly not with the way I was going!

Have you ever gotten lost in the woods? (please tell me I’m not the only one)
I used to have the BEST sense of direction! I would hike all sorts of trails on my grandfather’s property as a kid and never got lost! Guess I’m losing it in my old age! 😉

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