Weekend Update


Ahh, the good ol’ days of SNL…before Tina Fey left Amy Poehler in all her prego-ness for dreams of 30 different kinds of rock or something…

Wait, where was I going with this?? Oh yeah, MY weekend…

I actually had one of the best weekend’s that I’ve had in a LONG time even though it didn’t seem like it was going to be in the beginning. Remember how I said I was going to “try” to sleep in on Saturday? Ha! Well, guess who rolled over at the stroke of 6:ooAM?!

Yeah, this girl!

All was not lost though…I decided to make the best out of my morning! After a fueling breakfast I went on a long walk before the temperatures got too high and then made my weekly appearance at the farmer’s market!

A pond scum-esce smoothie topped with brown rice crisps and flax, toast with coconut butter and blooby jam, and of course my daily java!

Why oh why did it take having to see Megan’s breakfast one morning for me to top toast with coconut butter and jam! I have seriously been missing out!

After my farmer’s market run, I set out on an adventure!

I spotted a Saint Bernard!

I found a Luna Bar for super cheap!

‘Twas delicious!

And I crossed over Lake Barkley!

All on my way to see the people you have to thank for bringing me into this world! 😉

My mom and dad recently placed their camper on a permanent campsite in a beautiful area close to Lake Barkley. It’s about 1.5 drive from my house, but Saturday was the perfect day for a long peaceful drive! Besides the humidity, I couldn’t have asked for a better day for it!

Speaking of humidity, as soon as I got to my parent’s campsite, I dove head first into the nice cold kombucha I had packed!

I let my mom and dad have a taste…yeah, let’s just say they’re not the signing up for the fan club of fermented tea! Oh well, just means more for me! 🙂

After chilling sweating for a while and having more fun than is reasonably allowed with a bug zapper, we had a little visitor!

Meet “Little Bit”, the neighbor’s teacup chihuahua puppy. Isn’t she just adorable?!?!

I seriously wanted to stick her in my purse and smuggle her home!

I wish I could say I got my puppy fix, but I didn’t!

I want one sooo bad!

After trying unsuccessfully to make a squirrel-ish costume for Little Bit in order to sneak her out of the campsite with me, I suddenly realized I was starving!

We fired up the grill and had a delicious dinner in no time flat!

Beef burger topped with bacon and jalapeno cheese, grilled squash, bread ‘n buttah pickle x 2 and some good ol’ beets!

Mmm, mmm, mmm!

And what better way to end a hot night than with some juicy watermelon!

Oh yeah, I’m a watermelon-eatin’ pro!

On the way home, after all day of sweating outside, I started to wonder…

Good question Big Ben…good question!

To save this post from getting obnoxiously long, you’ll just have to wait for tomorrow to hear about my lovely Sunday! 😉

What are your top 5 foods that just scream SUMMER?
1. Ice Cream/Fro-yo
2. Watermelon
3. BBQ (family tradition)
4. Grilled Veggies
5. Traditional potato salad (oh yeah, that yellow stuff that G’ma used to make! You know what I’m talking about!)


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