Candy Bar Biking

Hey hey guys! Reading through the lists of Top 5 Summer Screaming Foods is making me wish I had a big ol’ plate of grilled veggies, watermelon, and fro-yo…and how on earth could I forget the corn on the cob?! That is a definite must in the summer! Has anyone ever tried it grilled? That’s next on my list!

So to continue on with part 2 of the Weekend Update, I’m so excited to show you guys some pics from my bike ride on Sunday. I think I just found a new favorite route!

There’s a strip of highway in town where a lot of factories and other large companies are located that used to be several, SEVERAL acres of farmland. I’ve driven by it so many times, but it never dawned on me to be a good bike route until Sunday!

 A peaceful strip of highway

A field that seemed to go on forever

Two seconds before I grabbed my phone for a pic, there was a gorgeous stork-looking bird in the pond!

“stork-looking” <- can you tell I know absolutely nothing about birds?

Am I the only one who loves the look of railroad tracks?

Before heading out for my ride, I got all decked out in my new bike shorts and top!

Walmart special baby!

I rode for just under two hours. It was a hot day, but there was a good breeze and some occasional downhill parts helped a bit too! I only actually intended to ride one loop around, but after I found more side streets, I was having too much fun exploring to call it quits.

Wanna know the only bad thing about long impromptu bide rides? Not having fuel when you need it! Luckily, there was a convenience store nearby where I was able to grab some water and an “energy bar”.

Ok, the only difference between a Snickers and a Snickers Marathon Bar is…ummmm, 10 grams of protein?!

I spent 10 minutes in front of the tiny energy bar section until I thought the cashier was going to burn a hole in the back of my helmet. I THOUGHT I went with the lesser of evils here, but low and behold, I ended up buying a CANDY BAR! 🙁

Luckily I only needed half the bar to give me the boost sugar high that I needed to make it back to the car. I swear this was the ONE time, I didn’t have any sort of emergency food with me…lesson definitely learned!

I’ve really been loving my bike rides lately. Running is great, but I tend to get bored easily…I’ve actually been avoiding my workout DVD’s like the plague…so it helps to change things up a bit!

How do you change it up a bit when you’re in an exercise rut?

Any good recommendations for REAL energy bars that aren’t to heavy for a hot afternoon bike ride/run?

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16 Responses to Candy Bar Biking

  1. Actually most energy bars are nutritionally very similar to candy bars…

    I think trail mix balls (nuts-dried fruit-chocolate ground in a food processor and formed into balls) are a better/tastier bet. And so much variety. Cashews or almonds or peanuts or macadamia nuts…dried pineapple or dried cherries or dried cranberries or dates…chocolate or dark chocolate or really dark chocolate…….

    • Lol! You’re cracking me up Victoria! I think I may have to whip up some trail mix balls! I love the sweetness from natural sugars…plus when it’s hot outside the last thing I want to do is eat a spoonful of sugar via an energy bar! :-/

  2. First of all, I can’t believe your phone pictures are so clear!!! I wish pics from my phone would turn out so well. I think it’s so awesome that you ride. I hate running, so biking might be a good option for me!

    Whenever I’m in an exercise rut, I usually try to do something fun that doesn’t seem as exercisey…like a long hike, swimming laps, or doing a dance class. That usually does the trick!

    Cute bike clothes, btw 🙂

  3. I actually really want to try that bar- I got it once at a race during my vegan days and was so hungry that it sounded really appealing, but since it’s not vegan I couldn’t eat it. I’ve been curious ever since!

    I made granola bars a few weeks ago that were pretty good- I preferred them to store bought bars!

    • Well, if you’re still curious, just go into the kitchen…are you reading closely here? Ok, go into the kitchen, open up the cabinet, and down a couple of spoonfuls of sugar! There you go! That’s what it tasted like! haha!

  4. Ulya says:

    I usually prefer dates, whenever I need some snack for workout. Also, granola bars or even granola crumbles work as well.

  5. Gorgeous pictures and route! I can’t imagine being on a bike for two hours :X I did just dig out my bike this past weekend though, and am looking forward to incorporating that into my cross training. As the weather gets nicer and nicer, workout vids are less and less appealing!

  6. ooph that bar does not sound cool!! i think larabars are great just cuz they give u quick carbs!! i used to eat zone bars for sports when i wasdoing intense bball and those were great!

  7. Lee says:

    I like Luna Bars. Or Cliff Z-bars.

  8. Try clif bars. They taste good and have plenty of energy, but they are full of natural ingredients.

  9. cbrady3 says:

    You could tried the fruit and nut Luna bar! It doesn’t have an icing or coating so it wont get melty. I know Luna bars aren’t perfect, but it’s a start!

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