Happy Birthday to My Mum!

What makes for a great birthday celebration?

Delicious eats?

New recipes?
(coming soon!)

Mom’s “swoon of approval” ?

Family time?

Lots of laughs?

(We’re such a serious family!) 😉

And lastly, wine that causes my mom and me to start talking in British accents?

(I totally bought this for the label!)

I’m gonna go with D.) All of the above!


What is your favorite birthday memory?
Mine would have to be my 12th birthday…back in the day of the “beanie baby craze”! I had about 6 of my best friends and we spent the entire night (my poor mama) giggling, playing games, being loud, and eating a delicious spread of foods and snacks! And somewhere during the night, the beanie babies morphed into grenades and the living room became a warzone! Haha!

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