California Friday #2

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great Friday!

Woo hoo, welcome to the weekend!

I thought I’d pick up where I left off last Friday with the “Flashback to California” series I’ve started here to recap my Santa Cruz vacation to see the one and only Emilia!

California Friday #2: Toasty Tootsies!

After our (literally) blistering 10 mile jaunt through the forests of Nisene Marks, we devoured some lunch and then set out for some pampering for our tired toes!

Enter China Foot Massage!

We went in and arranged for the
…a 30 minute back and foot massage…

Now I have to admit, when I first saw the open arrangement of all the “sofas”, I was a little skeptical…

As I sat in the room awaiting instruction, surrounded by people getting pounded on like they were chicken tenders for that night’s dinner, I was a little skeptical…

When, finally, a small Asian man came up to me, rubbed my shoulders and then pulled (I mean, really pulled) both my arms straight above my head, I was a little skeptical…

But then, about halfway through our massage session/dinner prep, as I looked over at Emilia through perfectly relaxed and heavy eyelids, all the skepticism rolled off my shoulders, down the candy cane-esque sofa, and far, far away from my mind!

Emilia and I post rub down!
Don’t we look so nice and relaxed? 😉

Afterwards, we headed down to Capitola beach for some fun in the sun!

Where I dug my nice and relaxed toes into the sand

And then dipped them into the Pacific for the very first time!

And this was my face after that dip!

Yeah, the Pacific Ocean? It’s COLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD!


After that rude awakening refreshing realization, I decided to settle myself on the beach and just snap a few pics…

By the end of my vacation, my appreciation for seagulls went to the same place that that skepticism went earlier…

Nasty little birds tried to steal my towel! Haha!

As we headed back to the car to end our relaxing day at home, I couldn’t help but snap a few more shots of downtown Capitola. None of which ended up looking like much…

that is, except for this one:

I am in love with this photo!

The angle, the lines, the sunlight coming through the door…almost makes me feel like a real photographer! 😉

Where have your “tootsies” been this summer? Any dips in new waters?

Have you ever had a professional massage? What did you think?
My first massage was horrible. The lady basically spent 60 minutes rubbing her palms over my skin…there was no “massaging” whatsoever! It took me a while to give it another go, but now I love indulging in a good spa day once every few months!

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