Let’s Play Ketchup!

I mean catch up!

Although I DO have further proof that ketchup tastes good on ANYthing

Big bowl of steamed veggies with nooch, topped with a big ol’ glob of cottage cheese and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter and the condiment of the tomato gods! 😉

But seriously, there’s been a few things that have slipped under the blog radar lately, but all definitely worthy of a spot on the blog, so I thought I’d catch you guys up…all the way to some surprises on found on my doorstep when I came home this evening!

First up…I have a bit of sad news…

About 3 weeks ago, I hate to admit it, but Guido and Frankie G were involved in a horrible sun blistering accident. Please…if you could…take a moment to remember all the good times we had together. :-/

Anywho, no sense in crying over spilled milk crispy plants!

I tried my first guava and apple melon (yeah, remember when I picked that up from the farmer’s market a looooooong time ago?)

So how was it?
Wow, guava is really HARD! It makes for a really good jaw workout (too bad I’m not in any need of physical therapy after a TMJ flare up!)…but since I’d rather NOT look like I’ve come down with a case of the mumps, I think I’ll have to pass from now on.

The apple melon was…interesting. The guy at the farmer’s market said the seeds inside were edible, but they tasted really bitter. As for the rest of the melon? It just tasted like a under-ripe honeydew. Bummer.

In happier news, I had an amazing workout the other day with some new weights at the gym!

Ohhh, gotta watch those one-pounders! They pack a (tiny) punch! 😉

Speaking of the gym…on a serious note…look what I spotted in the locker room:

First time ever seeing an Operation Beautiful note in person!

Of course I HAD to take a pic!

I also had to get a shot of my recent Kroger score!

Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookies 10 for $10!

Heck yeah! I only wish I had bought them out of stock! 😉

I’m saving these guys for mornings when I don’t have the time to sit down for breakfast (read: spent too much time reading blogs in the morning and attempting to still get to work on time)

Of course, that’s only on mornings when breakfast isn’t already prepped and ready:

A couple of weeks ago, I got a huge craving for some overnight oats…and since then, I’ve probably had them about 3 times a week!

I’ve been experimenting with different add-ins and toppings and a few of my favorite Chobani flavors
(Review coming soon!)

And of course, all of them have been sprinkled with some Crunchy Nuggets! 😉

Last on the ketchup catch up list?

This was me yesterday at the post office…sending my Garmin back to Amazon after not being able to get it to turn on for the last FOUR days 🙁

And THIS is what I came home to today!

It’s mailllllllllltime!

That would be my NEW GARMIN sent to me in less than TWO days!
(fingers crossed that this one’s not a dud)


Warrior Crunch from Nuts About Granola!

Doing my part in the fight against cancer never tasted so good! 😉

Hope you are doing well Susan!

Well, that’s it for the recap! I better get to bed…I’ve got a run with my new Garmin in the morning! 🙂

So, what’s something exciting/humorously tragic/interesting that’s happened in your life lately?

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15 Responses to Let’s Play Ketchup!

  1. Lauren says:

    I have a friend who *hates* ketchup. I think she’s craaaazy. Is it mean that it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only plant killer? Good luck with the Garmin!

  2. Jessica says:

    Aw, bummer about your Garmin! At least you received your replacement so quickly 🙂
    I can’t tell you how many times I used to buy a new fruit, only to be disappointed. And they’re so gosh darn expensive! I’ve learned my lesson – just buy what I like, haha. Not very adventurous, buttt…

  3. katie says:

    You just made me think of Blues Clues with the Mail Time shout! haha! My son loved that show, I , well I had to put up with it, lol!

    Loving the HUGE salad, looks so great, nooch is fabulous!

    YAY for a sale on those cookies, I love the apple flavored one!

    Happy Weekend love!! xoxo <3

  4. Anastasia says:

    My plants also bit it with the heat and then downpours that followed. It proved to be too much. :[

    I hope your new Garmin works! That’s frustrating that the first wouldn’t work, but I’m glad you got a new one sent to ya so quickly! That’s awesome.

    I recently quit my job which is pretty exciting! I’m taking a mini vacation before starting up on some freelance work.

  5. Girl, I love me some ketchup, but I have to say that having it alongside nut butter never even crossed my mind. Interesting combo for sure 😀 And careful with those 1-pounders. Don’t want to over-exert yourself and end up tearing/pulling a muscle big time 😉 Ohhhh and an operation beautiful note! How sweet. I’ve never seen one in person either, but it would totally make my day if I did.

    Something exciting for me? I’ll be moving in less than a week! Eeeee. I can’t wait, bu at the same time I’m kind of freaking out about it…. especially because it’s a tragedy that I haven’t even really begun packing yet!

  6. PB&Jenny says:

    Why do I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a PB&ketchup sandwich from you in the near future ? 😉

    p.s. I know you were being sarcastic about the 1 pounders but have you ever tried Tracy Anderson’s workouts?! she uses no weight and then really light weights (1-3 pounds) and it’s seriously the most legit arm workout I’ve ever done!! This workout utilizes the same concepts for high reps/low weight: http://www.exercisetv.tv/workout-videos/cardio/20-minute-upper-body-8524

    I use 3-4 pounders and it’s so painful!

  7. Sounds like my hubby who loves ketchup on everything!!
    Bummer about the Garmin. I was using mine earlier in the year, but it has been so hot, until now, so put it away.

  8. RIP plants! 🙁 That picture just reminded me that I have a basil plant out on my deck that I’ve completely ignored for the past week. Whoops!

    Yay for a new Garmin! That’s impressive that they sent it to you so quickly.

    Something humorously tragic from my life lately – I accidentally scratched the entire side of my car on a metal pole in my parking garage. FML!

  9. I’m so sorry about your plants! 🙁 My tomatoes have become quite yellow, too, but I think you can’t keep tomato plants over the winter anyway. 😕

    Mail looks fab! 😀

  10. Lauren says:

    Ketchup is just great-i don’t understand how people don’t like it! But the one combo that freaks me out a little is cantaloupe and ketchup. Don’t ask-I apparently know some really weird people. 😉 Poor Garmin AND plants. At least you got a new Garmin! I need to buy some of that granola-I keep forgetting. Mental note to myself!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Ketchup and cantaloupe?? Now THAT’S odd even for me! Haha!

      Oh girl, you’ve GOT to get some of this granola! It’s amazing!

  11. chelsea says:

    This is just a big post of nothing but goodie looking stuff, mmmm :)! Ketchup + anything makes my stomach suppper super happy.

  12. Ketchup makes the world go ’round. I’m enjoying it with my breakfast with.. carrots. Carrots and ketchup, for breakfast. I’m gonna call myself crazy on this one, but it hits the spot!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Hmm, raw carrots? Dipped in ketchup? Eh, I can see that working…have you ever tried carrot “fries” before? Amazing…especially with ketchup! 😉

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