WIAW: Veggin’ Out

Hey guys!

So I’m guessing you all know what time it is, right?

Time to party!

Please, please, PLEASE don’t forget to drop by Jenn’s blog over at Peas & Crayons to show some love for her dedication to get this party going week after week even with all the struggles she’s been having getting internet installed at her new house…plus I’m sure there will be tons of link ups to get your mouths watering! 😉

So last Wednesday, I did a little protein tally with each of my meals and surprised myself with a pretty high number at the end of the day. So for this WIAW, I thought I’d take note of my veggie count for the day:

My morning started off with some of my new pumpkin spice coffee (LOVE) and a new vitamin…I’ve decided to go back to my roots…GNC women’s vitamins for the win!

I’ve noticed I have a bit more energy with these compared to my beloved gummies and you can’t beat the time released delivery!

Veggie Count = 1
(pumpkin spice coffee totally counts as a veggie, right?)

Then I dove into a mountain of leftover Pumpkin Bread Pudding Pancakes smothered, layered, and covered in Katie’s Pumpkin Protein Frosting!


Veggie Count = 2

The pancakes actually kept me full for about 4 hours, but I was still a couple of hours out from my lunch break, so I enjoyed two plum-cots that I picked up from Sam’s last week.

Plum + Apricot = Plum-cot
(Although, I thought that’s what a pluot was…hmm)

So juicy I almost needed a bib!

Lunch today was a surprise reappearance of the infamous “salad beast”

Spinach topped with edamame, carrots, green bell pepper, orange heirloom tomatoes, black olives, portobello mushrooms, and feta cheese topped with this dressing that I “borrowed” out of the fridge at work since I accidentally left mine at home.

Loved the dressing…couldn’t believe I found it hidden among the other bottles sporting HFCS’s, hydrogenated oils, and other scary unpronounceable ingredients.

Veggie Count = a bajillion 

A couple hours after lunch and it was tea time…aka warm Heather up in the sub-arctic temperatures that come standard with working in a hospital.

Yogi teas are the best…and the lemon ginger is one of my favorites!

I guess I didn’t get enough pizza after my Mellow Mushroom experience on Sunday, because all I thought about today was baking up a big ol’ pie of my own!

Instead of a tomato based sauce, I used Trader Joe’s cilantro jalapeno hummus for one side and (thanks to a tip from Jenn) pureed pumpkin for the other.

Halfway through cooking, a friend of mine stopped by with a bottle of my latest obsession.

And I may have indulged in a glass…or two 😉

Along with a few nibbles of the pizza toppings that just wouldn’t fit on the pizza…darn, I hate it when that happens!

20 minutes later and it was time to feast!

Roasted veggie pizza on whole wheat crust with sharp cheddar cheese, roasted tomatoes, yellow squash, onions, bell pepper, asparagus, and portobello mushrooms topped with smoked paprika, garlic, and chili pepper flakes.

2 slices (one with hummus and one with pumpkin puree) minus a couple of bites that my friend who was “too stuffed from dinner to eat” just had to steal!

Yeah, it smelled THAT good! 😉

Veggie Count = 2

 And finally, a little dessert for the pizza making champion 😉

Honey-nana Chobani topped with peanut flour and Crunchy Nuggets!

Oh yeah, and there was also water…lots and lots of water!

Still doing good with my pink camelback…I downed about 96 ounces today!

So, if I’m doing my math correctly, (which we all know is not my best subject)

I’d say I had about

98263 servings of veggies today…oh wait, forgot to carry the one…


Whew! I was worried for a second there that I wouldn’t have enough! 😉

Ok, so I know I wasn’t exactly serious with this one, but on average, how many servings of vegetables do you normally eat a day?

What’s was/is your favorite subject in school?
I always loved English class…except for when it came to writing…go figure!

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