Friday By Number

Hey loves!

I’d like to start this post out with a BIG thank you to all our veterans out there. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have today!

Happy Veterans Day!

Love you Dad!

So you guys remember color by number, right?


Well, with today being “the day” for number lovers everywhere (I’m looking at you, Janetha)…


I thought it’d be fun to do a little Friday by number to celebrate:


The number of canvases turned modern art with the help of some spray paint, masking tape, and inspiration in the form of Pinterest.


The number of failed attempts at repurposing an old print.

My idea was to pull the print off the backing and mod-podge it to a couple of canvases mosaic style, but as you can see, it rebelled.

Guess it’s back to the drawing board canvas!


The number of items on my plate yesterday for breakfast…er, lunch (when I woke up after my last night shift for the week).

Chocolate Cherry Cake Donut + Scrambled eggs + Hashbrowns + Mini Green Monster

Totally random…totally delicious!


The number of times I’ve cursed the rental car when trying to pull myself out of the driver seat! I swear the thing is only 6 inches off the ground…I’d have better luck if I just rolled out of it!

By the way, her name is Midge…short for Midget the Malibu…we’re not friends.

Which brings me to the part of the post that gets a little sad.


The amount in damages that Vickie suffered from the accident earlier this week.

It saddens me to say that Vickie is no longer with us.

I got the call from the hospital body shop today and had to go pull the plug gather my belongings.

She was a good car…faithful to me for the last four and a half years…she will be missed!


The number of days I have to find a new car…

And the hunt has already begun!

What number best describes your Friday?

Any exciting plans for the weekend?
I think you know what I’ll be doing!

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