Why Zombie’s Don’t Make Breakfast


Remember that scene in Look Who’s Talking where a sleep deprived Kirstie Allie gets up in the middle of the night to fix a bottle for Mikey and ends up pouring coffee into it?

Yeah, that was me this morning when I got off work.

Notice the differences in these two containers.

One is light brown, where one is more yellow in color.

One has a BLACK top and the other is RED.

Cinnamon Maple Sprinkles” vs “Garlic Powder

Guess which one I sprinkled on my PB toast?


Luckily, for the sake of my sanity AND my taste buds, I’m off night shifts until next week. After I got up from my little nap this afternoon, I redeemed myself…

P28 Protein Bread 

with farmer’s market sweet potato butter, Banana Nut Crunch PB, and


A great flavor combo…and not quite as shocking as PB and garlic 😉

While I had some downtime at work last week, I decided to get online and do a little foodie shopping. I already showed you the protein powder loot, but check out my goodies that came in from netrition.com yesterday:

Vermont Peanut Butter, Teeccino, Byrd Mill PB flour, Protein Plus PB flour,
and 3 different flavors of Kay’s Protein cereal

And of course, the bread

Check out those nutritionals!

The nut butter is ok, but a bit underwhelming…the banana flavor seems a bit forced, whereas the bread went above and beyond my expectations.

The slices are HUGE and it’s soooo fluffy!
*insert voice of Agnes* 

There was much research involved before this peanut flour purchase…I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on how they fare against my beloved Trader Joe’s brand. I’m also super excited to try the Kay’s cereals since Katie’s always talking about how good they are!

Along with my foodie sabbatical, this week, I also put Pinterest to work for me in the car shopping department:

Now if you’ll excuse me, a handful of SUVs & crossovers await my test driving at Carmax in Nashville

Wish me luck!

Have you ever had an experience with MSI (mistaken spice identity)?

If you could have any car in the world, regardless of price, what would it be?

Call me old school, but I’ve always had a soft spot for vintage Mustangs!

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