Trucker Hats & Trader Joe’s

Hey hey!

So glad you guys enjoyed an expense at my laughs from yesterday’s post…er, I mean, LAUGHS at my EXPENSE…yeah, that’s what I meant!

And if you missed out because…I don’t know…maybe my blog was down for HALF THE FRICKIN DAY, then I do apologize. I’ve been having some trouble with my CPU usage lately…seems like I’m a bit more loved around the blogosphere than I thought! All your little clickies are making my numbers go up, up, up, but also causing me and my web guys have to do a bit of thinking. We’ll be trying out some few things for the next few days so if I’m “not here” when you come for your daily dose of broccoli kissin’, puh-leeease check back later…or feel free to harass me on Twitter!

But seriously, check out the Apple Pie post if you’re in need of a good chuckle!

So last night, I hinted at a few other festivities from this past weekend…

sushi dinner…?

trucker hats…??


and Trader Joe’s?!?

Well, allow me to explain. It seems I’ve not only found a man who knows how to cook, enjoys a good zombie-fest, and tucks me into bed my parent’s couch when I overindulge, I’ve also found a man who is addicted to sushi, loves a good laugh, over fills his fro-yo cups AND doesn’t mind being drug along grocery stores all weekend.


Even though we just had a sushi date a couple of days before, we couldn’t help but both get a mad craving for it after a text from the sis got the idea in our heads.

I swear about 99.9994% of the time I get gypped on the fortune

Anyone eat the fortune cookie? I actually don’t even like them, but won’t leave a Chinese restaurant without breaking one open!

Later on that day, BB and I ran some errands, one of which was stopping by a place for some food for this little munchkin:

Oh the ponderings of a young feline mind…

Well, as it turns out, the store we happened to go to was running a special…if you pick up a bag of cat food the size of a toddler AND grab a jar of this on a whim:

You’ve officially spent enough $$ to get a FREE hat!

But not just any hat…a TRUCKER hat…


You don’t have to tell me, I know I totally look badass in this! 😉

So badass in fact that while BB took to cooking up a bit of surf ‘n turf, I busted out some mad salad making skills:

One of the BEST salads I’ve ever had: spinach, carrots, red onion, honeycrisp apple, alfalfa sprouts, dried cranberries, cucumbers, and avocado

Mmm, I can still taste the amazing blend of all the flavors…can’t wait to make it again!

On Sunday morning, BB and I enjoyed a lazy breakfast before jumping in Elvira for a roadtrip to Nashvegas!

Avocado on toast with the new “Hoppin” FROG jam, which was pretty tasty (spicier than my other FROG due to the addition of jalapenos…I’m definitely seeing a FROG coated chicken dish in the future), Blood Orange Chobani (the final new flavor I had left to try…YUM) and some juicy green grapes.

Of course, before we hit full roadtrip mode, we had to make a detour…

It seems someone got a little jealous of my newest assessory:

So we went BACK to the store, bought MORE stuff, and got another “free” hat! And then proceeded to take a pic looking like total goofballs! Lol

But that was nothing compared the look on my face as I dove into this cup trough of goodness:

That would be cake batter and irish mint fro-yo topped with Oreos, yogurt chips and sprinkle-coated chocolate drops…

Oh sweetie, I think you have a little drool on your chin…maybe you should grab a tissue…hmm?

Then we rolled our fro-yo full tummies over to Whole Foods and signed over a quarter of BB’s liver (don’t worry, it grows back) and my spleen to get this:

Arctic Zero…my precccccccious, bulk goodies: whole wheat pastry flour, oats, and nooch, some unpictured red snapper and cod, and finally, an impulse buy at checkout: Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride! (I may or may not have taken all the boxes on the display!)

And then we were off to check out WF’s more attractive, budget-friendly cousin:

Trader Joe’s!

A few of my faves along with some new friends! Can’t wait to experiment with that vinegar!

Once back at the casa, I had the joy of finding a place for all my new loot…but I’ll be darned if I couldn’t find one square inch inside the fridge!

Um, so yeah, maybe BB and I picked up a couple…ok 20 Chobani yogurts over the course of the weekend, but hey, they were on sale for $1 each! 🙂

After organizing the fridge pushing everything to the side and cramming things in at all angles, I got to work on dinner:

Sauteed veggies with Mexican seasoning + red snapper fillet=

Dinner 15 minutes later!
(served on top of noochified quinoa, topped with salsa and avocado)

And that concludes the weekend’s activities. I swear I didn’t think I did that much until I just now, but I guess I was pretty busy!

One more thing, I had to share this sign I saw at our “trucker hat store”:


Do you like fortune cookies?

What is your favorite item to get at Whole Food’s, Trader Joe’s, or the like?

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17 Responses to Trucker Hats & Trader Joe’s

  1. Lizzi says:

    WAAAHHHH I wish we had Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods here. SO SO SO MUCH. My friend visited the states and brought me back some goodies, but I almost wish she hadn’t. It just gave me a taste for it and now I’m doomed to a lifetime of LONGING AND SADNESS.

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh yeah, you would have been better off in the dark…ignorance is bliss you know! I just can’t believe our Trader Joe’s was there for about a YEAR before I ever even knew what it was! Thank you blogworld for opening my eyes…and thereby forcing me to open my wallet! Lol

  2. katie says:

    SO jealous of your chobani stash! I want to try the new flavors!!

    Sushi is the best ever, great date night choice ; ) I never eat the fortune cookie either, but always break open for the fortune : )

    Happy Wednesday love!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I knew you would approve! I saw you finally found some of the new flavors…what do you think of the apple cinnamon? Life changing, no?

  3. Does BB have a twin? If so, send him over my way! 😉 I need a man who loves sushi, fro yo and grocery stores too!

    Seriously, it looks like you’ve found a keeper girl! 😀

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Aww, thanks girlie! If he DID have a brother, I’m sure I’d have girls lined up for days just to meet him! Haha! Honestly, I feel a little spoiled…he’s the exact opposite of my ex so I’m still trying to get used to having someone who is genuinely interested in my likes and dislikes!

  4. So jealous of your massive amounts of yogurt! Your hat is cracking me the hell up. And I totally hope you guys are able to figure out the blog issues! I hope Jay has been helping you out 🙂

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I think we got it all figured out! It had something to do with the cache plugin that I had…but (knock on wood), I haven’t gotten any emails lately saying I’m going over my CPU limit! Yaaaaaay! LOVE Jay! I don’t know how I’d make it with this blog without him!

      And don’t lie…I know you’ve got trucker hat envy! 😉

  5. Kate says:

    I really have nothing intelligent to contribute except for nom nom nom nom nom

  6. Lou says:

    Man super yummy things-ahoy! That vinegar sounds incredible, and that snapper dish – WOW! I miss seafood 🙁 Love the idea of nutritional yeast in quinoa though, wicked protein!

    Nice Gollum (preccccious) by the way!

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      Oh my gosh, it was SO good Lou…I kind of accidentally overcooked the quinoa, but then once I stirred in the nooch, it was like a pot of “cheesy” grits!

  7. Sheila says:

    eek i just refilled my chobani stash too! what do you think of the blood orange flavor?? for how pleasantly tart it is i’m surprised it somehow still has 19 g of sugar. hm

    • kissmybroccoli says:

      I REALLY like it! I was a bit skeptical at first…the lemon and pineapple I thought were a bit underwhelming so I didn’t really have high hopes for the nest citrus flavor, but I think they nailed the flavor perfectly…tart orange with just the right hint of creaminess! Which one is your favorite? I’d have to say the apple cinnamon has my heart…for now anyway! 😉

  8. Sarah says:

    your froyo is making me NEED to have white chocolate chips.. hopefully for dinner 😉

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