Fantastic Friday!

Hello loves and welcome to the weekend!

Can you tell I’m in an exceptionally good mood? Huh, huh, HUH?

Well, in case you couldn’t tell…I’m in an exceptionally good mood!

Why you ask?

Well, it could have something to do with the delicious eats I’ve had today. Let’s work backwards from the one that was the most bombdiggity…do people still say that? Eh, moving on…

My post-workout snack: Strawberries with chocolate coconut protein “mousse”

You have GOT to try this people!

1 Tablespoon coconut flour + 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder + water to thin =

Pure bliss!

I’ll admit, my first thought was to dip these pre-season berries (yeah, I bought them…so sue me…at least they’re organic!) in some smooth, creamy, stick to the roof of your mouth peanut butter…hmm, how’s that for food erotica?

Maybe I should look into a book deal?

Lunch was darn decadent as well: sweet potato stuffed with blueberry goat cheese and sprinkled with cinnamon

I got the idea to try goat cheese on my sweet spud from Jill on Instagram…seriously, if you have IG, you NEED to follow this girl! Workout motivation…amazing eats…gorgeous tattoos! I just can’t get enough of her uploads!

And finally, breakfast: Plain oats with a little coconut flour stirred in with passion fruit Chobani and diced avocado!

I swear the passion fruit flavor INSTANTLY makes me think of the beach…so I woke up this morning, and made myself a bowl of vacation! 😉

Other things that have made my day:

First off, let me remind you guys that I am very VERY easily amused…like if I accidentally make a rhyme, I’m like,

“Oh yay! I made a rhyme!”

*insert cheese-eatin grin and some sort of happy dance that involves alternately pointing my index fingers in the air*

 No, I did not plan to wear this much pink at the gym today.

Yes, I found it so amusing that I took a picture…AND posted it on IG…and now I’m blogging about it…

Someone help me! 😉

And last but certainly not least, the kicker for my day of fantastical-ness:

But that’s not just any pizza…

That right there ladies and gentlemen is a FREE pizza!

Coupon book FTW!

And it went from just a plain cheese and mushroom to…

Everything but the kitchen sink…

Wait, I think that’s in there too! 😉

What was something that made your day fantastic?

Any big plans for the weekend?

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