Thursday Things: Workouts, Snacks, and Lent

Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week! Only one more day until the weekend!

I’m only hoping (praying) that the weather continues on like it was today:

Do I live in Tennessee or California? But believe me…I’m not complaining ONE bit!

So if there’s only one more day left in the workweek, you know what that means:

It’s time for KMB’s “Thursday Things”!


Yep, seems like I’ve jumped on the LiveFit bandwagon with the rest of blogland…

I was getting a little bored with my workout routines and decided last week to see what all the hype was about with the LiveFit Trainer. I watched Jamie Eason’s video explaining the details behind the workouts, meal plans, and supplements and decided to give it a go…

There was only ONE thing that bothered me about the program:


Jamie actually suggests not to do ANY kind of cardio during phase one. The runner in me heard this and was like, “Heck no! You can’t stop me from running!”

Well, that was last week…

I did an interval workout on the treadmill last Tuesday…only a little over 3.5 miles, but it was a nice sweaty run. Since then, the most cardio I’ve done is some warm up/cool down on the elliptical.

I’ve come to this conclusion:
It’s not, “No, you don’t HAVE to do cardio!”

It’s more like, “No, you WON’T BE ABLE TO DO CARDIO!”

I am sooooo tired! Lol

The majority of my workout experience in the past has been with Crossfit style workouts and other, high-intensity, cardio-infused workouts. This is actually the first time I’ve made a commitment to weight lifting…and you know what?

I may be tired…I may be sore (which I secretly like), but…


Do I look as badass as I feel? I hope so! 😉

Not only am I breaking out of my element with the weight lifting, but I FINALLY overcame my fear of entering the weight room at the gym by myself!

It was a slow progression:

Maybe I was sneakily reading the direction sticker on the side of the equipment while I tried to look like I was just finding the appropriate weight…

Maybe I was also stalking some of the other gym patrons waiting for them to use said equipment so I knew what to do…

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention last week and took weight off some guy’s machine WHILE he was sitting on it to use for myself…


Yeah, my face turned about 293864 shades of red! :-/

But now, I am excited to get to the gym, even during the busier hours, and squeeze in between the meat heads to get MY sweat on!


I found these on sale the other day at my local grocery store and decided to pick one up.


Has anyone tried these? After professing my love on Instagram, I found out that they also make a peanut butter and a vanilla that is to die for!

And speaking of peanut butter…

3. LENT:

So, I asked you guys the other day if you were giving up anything for Lent. Like I said the other day, I’m not Catholic, but I’m always up for a challenge and I think an occasional test of willpower is good for the soul. That being said, I finally decided what I was giving up yesterday morning…

Go ahead…call me crazy!

That’s right,

I’m giving up ALL nut butters! 

No loop holes for legumes or soy-nut or cookie-based spreads. If it LOOKS like nut butter, it’s off limits…for FORTY DAYS!

I can do this…I can do this…I can do this!

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