Grocery Haul & Ninja Cookies

So I promised you guys some deets on the Trader Joe’s run from last weekend.

Well, I did a little shopping today too so I thought I’d just round everything up for one big grocery haul fiasco post!

Last weekend, I convinced BB that we absolutely positively HAD to go to Trader Joe’s…I lured him in with fro-yo

We both got cake batter and pistachio swirl and his looked like mine only without as much color….sprinkle hater!

Then it was off to TJ’s!!

I know, I know…WHAT was I thinking with those spreads? I’ve still got another 3 WEEKS until Easter!

And that is why they are buried in the deep dark depths of my pantry…but I swear they’re taunting me! 😉

Oh and that kalamata hummus is my new FAVORITE!! I’ve had to pace myself so as not to eat the entire container in one sitting.

In the not so sparkly (haha, get it…sprinkles?) natural food shopping, I hit up the local warehouse store to replenish my veggie bulk stash…

1 pound of greens, 3 pounds each of broccoli and carrots, 5 pounds of oranges, 24oz mushrooms and whole wheat English muffs x 2 (I’ve seriously been craving these lately…can’t wait to whip up some sort of drippy yolk sandwich!)

Then there was the other stop for the day…

I will have you guys know, I went into Food Lion JUST for the Chobani sale (yeah right…we all know my track record with keeping focussed in a grocery store) when out of nowhere, I was blindsighted!

I’m talking serious jujitsu pulled on me in the middle of the dairy aisle…

Marie’s all natural yogurt dressing, organic romaine x 2 (on sale for 99 cents yo!), my beloved Chobanis (2 for $2), cage-free eggs, green grapes, and…


C’mon, I just couldn’t resist after being taunted with them for weeks on commercials, food blogs, AND Instagram!

I had a pretty tough week at work and Monday I actually went to THREE different stores looking for them, but couldn’t find them anywhere.

One whiff of the inside of the bag after opening and I swear my eyes rolled back into my head.

Then just when I thought my senses were overloaded with the sight of SPRINKLES,

I took a bite…

And then I passed out in the kitchen floor!

Ok, not really but seriously I believe it was fate for me to discover this cake cookie HEAVEN!

Confession time: What has crept into your cart lately?

Any grand plans for the weekend?
I had a very long and stressful week, so other than a housewarming party for a friend tomorrow, BB and I are just chillaxing around the casa!

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