Friday Fun & A Giveaway!

Hey guys!

Whelp, it’s FINALLY Friday! You guys have any big plans for the weekend? BB is on his way home THIS minute so the only plan I have this weekend is to get my fill of snuggling!

Cheesy, mushy, “gag-me”, I know…but it’s true! 🙂

So I thought I’d have a little fun with this post before I get to the second half of the title…yes, a giveaway…but you can hold on to your britches for just a couple of minutes can’t you?

No scrolling down to the end now! 😉

You see, sometimes it feels like I have TWO blogs…one on here and one on Instagram. Every now and then they merge, but I thought I’d do a post to kinda fill in the gaps as of late and show you a few of my latest uploads!

So here goes!

Remember that spinach pasta I picked up from Whole Foods waaaaaaay back when? Well, I finally ran out of arugula this week and was sadly left with no greens the other day when I was craving a huge salad beast…

So meet my “pasta” salad! 😉

I know a few of you were interested in how the pasta tasted, so I’ll tell you…

It tasted like nothing…Not good. Not bad…just nothing! Lol

But my salad sure was delicious! I threw in some crumbled tempeh, raw okra, carrots, red bell pepper, and some tomatoes and topped it ok with a bit of nooch…

Ok, a LOT of nooch!

I took my first spin class in over a year today…I was totally siked when I realized my favorite trainer, Claudia, was teaching the class and she quickly reminded me why she’s my favorite…

Because she totally kicks my butt!

I’ve recently become obsessed with self manicures…

My first try at a variation of the “gradient manicure”

And my most recent, what I’m calling “summer fun” 

I may or may not have done this one while on the clock…spread out over my shift, I’m pretty sure it was the longest manicure ever! Lol

Speaking of the night shift,

For the first time in over TWO MONTHS, I had my second cup of coffee today.

I have been SUCKING in the sleep department recently…really hoping I can find a good plan soon so that I don’t become super dependent on caffeine to keep me awake or pills to keep me asleep! :-/

On a more positive note, I went shopping with a friend yesterday! She took me to Ft. Campbell where we stopped by the GNC before heading to the brand new Commissary (grocery store).

And I scored some pretty awesome goodies that I can’t wait to try!

I also picked up a new Camelbak bottle…you know, because the four I already have isn’t enough! But check this, it has a built in water filter! I bought one for BB for Christmas and he loves it!

I managed some restraint at the Commissary since I’m mulling over the idea of doing Lindsay’s Survive on 35 Challenge next week…

Seaweed seasoning, mango coconut pepper sauce, chocolate mocha coffee (which is deeeeelicious btw), PB2 (whoop whoop!), and Soy Joy bars for 50 cents each!

Oh and I also snagged a fresh spring roll from the sushi counter!

Which I devoured in the car, but not before proclaiming it’s deliciousness to my friend at least a dozen times!

Then I decided I wanted to make my own so we stopped by one of the Asian markets on the way back home.

Rice paper x TWO, a roasted seaweed snack, and some ginormous puffed wheat cakes!

Once home and settled in for the evening, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to munch on:

Mutant puffed wheat cake, meet my new casein protein, chocolate, cinnamon, bananas, and SPRINNNNNNNNNKLES!

And it was even BETTER than it looks! 😉

I’ve been looking for a good casein protein powder for a few weeks now. After 15 minutes or so of comparing labels, I decided to go with the Re-Feed from GNC’s line of protein powder because it A.) had pretty good stats and B.) had the least amount of ingredients and NOW I can add a C.) tastes AMAZING!!

And lastly…

I’ve been a bit of a tease…

On more than one occasion.

But, you’ll just have to wait until Sunday for the recipe to my latest creation…
Cha Cha Cha Chia Pancakes!

Until then, how about I tide you over with the dream of owning this bad boy:

Stainless steel with a locking lid AND a spoon holder!

The lovely people over at SlimKicker recently contacted me explaining that they are looking for some fresh ideas for health and fitness challenges for their website so much so that they are willing to give one lucky commenter this amazing slow cooker for FREE!

SlimKicker is a calorie counter and game that turns your diet and fitness goals into a level-up game with points, rewards and challenges. You level up by tracking healthy calories and exercises, and completing challenges such as quitting soda for a week. They also have recipe suggestions for many diets such as Medifast and Weight Watchers.”

You guys know that I recently started tracking my calories and I’ve checked out SlimKicker’s site and think it’s a fun way to help motivate and support people through their weight loss journey. And now we can have a bit of fun too!

All you have to do is leave a comment with an fun idea for a fitness and diet challenge. 

Here are a few examples:
The Green Meal Challenge: Eat something green in every meal, no matter how small the portion size is.
Exercise before Facebook: For the next week, you can’t check Facebook or your favorite website unless you did 15 minutes of exercise (a short walk if it’s a rest day)
Stress Relief: Find a way to relieve stress 10 minutes a day.

And the best part is there are examples and ideas inside each challenge to help get people going! Neat, huh?

Whoever comes up with the best, most creative idea will be selected by SlimKicker as the winner!

Only open to US residents. Giveaway will run until next Thursday (11:59pm CST) with the winner announced on Friday’s post!

Good luck!

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