A Marvelous WEEK!

Hello m’dears and happy Monday!

Before I get started with today’s post, I just have to share something I found that I thought was pretty neat…


I saw Michelle use Wordle to make a collage of frequently used words on her blog and thought it would be fun to do one too! No surprise what the most popular word is after yesterday’s post! BUT…can you find the hidden blogger within? 😉

Now I know I normally join up with Katie on Mondays for an MIMM post, but when my gal Meghan decided to make a link-party out of her  “Week in Review” series, I just couldn’t resist…especially since this whole week has been FULL of excitement!


Sooooo, I decided to do BOTH!

Hopefully I don’t find myself in any awkward situations when they find out I’m a two-timer! 😉

On Tuesday, my MARVELOUS mama came over and helped me with some chores that I haven’t been able to manage with my peg-leg status: a mountain of dirty dishes and…

Marvelous Mama

 Yeah, so yoga pants aren’t the only things in my house that’s covered in cat hair! 😉


I could breathe so well in fact that I even had a bit more energy! So when the man-friend came over (hey, don’t go getting all dirty-minded on me now!), we decided to go out!

Marvelous Sushi

 Now I’m not sure if it was because it had been nearly THREE WEEKS since I’d had sushi or what, but I swear to you these were the BEST rolls I’ve ever tasted! We went to our favorite place in town, Fujiyama, and I ordered the Fancy Roll (shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, eel, avocado and massago w/ soybean paper) and the Passion Roll (fresh salmon, avocado, sweet mango & tobigo).

The man-friend got the smorgasbord-looking plate…can’t remember what all he got, but after a taste, I knew one thing for sure…mine was better!

Muahahaha! 😉

On Thursday, after my last PT appointment for the week, I asked my chauffeur (aka, my sister on that particular day) to swing by the grocery store on the way home. I did a bit of scooterin, grabbed a few necessities, and then set out on a (hopeful) Cho-mission…

Chobani Bites

Smack yo’ Mama! <- Well, unless she happens to be MARVELOUS like mine! 😉

I found, not one, not two, but all FOUR of the Chobani Bite flavors and so far, the caramel pineapple is my FAVORITE!

On Friday, I had my first solo PT session and well, I’ll be honest, it’s a LOT harder when you don’t have someone there to help/motivate you, but I gave it my all and (through some tears) managed to complete about half of what I was given…

Physical Therapy Exercises

Oh and I painted my toes! Which I realized is ridiculously hard to do when you can’t bring your foot closer to your body! Good thing I have long arms…and FINGERS!

Marvelous ManicurePurple ones! :mrgreen:

And well, I don’t know if it was the continued effort in my exercises or if there are some sort of magical chemicals in my nail polish, but the next day, more MARVELOUSNESS ensued…

Car Trip

My first time behind the wheel in over TWO WEEKS! Ok, ok…so I just drove to the mailbox, but hey, you try going down my driveway in crutches! 😉

But yesterday, Elvira called out to me and I just couldn’t say no…

Car Trip 2

So where did I go on my first REAL car trip?

Physical Therapy Pool

Oh how I’ve missed my gym! I’m telling you, it was pure agony to hobble by the weights section AND hear the music from the Bodypump class going on at the time…soon, love…REAL SOON!

The physical therapist had mentioned water therapy and gave me a list of exercises I could perform. I may not have been the most graceful thing out there, but after about 10 minutes in the warm water of the therapy pool, it started getting a little easier! I worked at it for about 30 minutes and then crutched over to the hot tub for a 10 minute soak before heading back home.

Once back at the casa I whipped up something to eat and as I was hobbling over to the table with my food, I skipped a beat…

I looked down…

Wait, what just happened?

Did I just…?


Yep! As I was trying to hold on to my water bottle, my food, AND my crutches, I ended up lifting up the crutch and taking a step without it! Guess the water therapy helped more than I thought!

Now I’m in no shape to start dancing a jig just yet…actually, I kinda look like a bird with a broken foot (think flapping wings in distress)…but hey it’s progress!

And THAT is always MARVELOUS!

And something MARVELOUS for YOU? Remember Slimkicker? Well, they’re hosting a giveaway for a FREE Bowflex Home Gym from now until the end of the month! 😀

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