Confessions of a Pancake Queen: The Hippie Edition

Haaaaaay guys!

I’m back again with some more of my ROYAL confessions!

Last week, it was all about the tools you need to properly rule your pancake kingdom, but this week, it’s all about…

Flower Power

Flowers, peace, love…NOT war!

Um, wait…err…what I meant to say is today’s post is all about…

Confessions of a Pancake Queen - Flours


I was close though, right? Ha! I promise I’m not on drugs (anymore)…and for the record, my parents aren’t even old enough to have been hippies! 😉

Besides, if I were on drugs, could I have made this breakfast yesterday?

Pancake Breakfast

More frozen Coconut Cauliflower Pancakes with a side of eggy goodness!

And before you “get bent” on my delicious sweet & savory combination, remember today isn’t the day to question my weird food tendencies…those conversations are reserved for Fridays!

Ok, now where was I?

Breakfast…pancakes…subtract the 1, carry the 2…drugs…flowers…

Ahh, that’s right, FLOURS!!!

So let’s start with my favorite, which actually isn’t a flour at all…

Rolled Oats

Until a good trip whirl in the trusty Magic Bullet…

Oat Flour


I used to use whole wheat pastry flour for ALL my pancakes! The difference between PASTRY flour and whole wheat flour is the amount of gluten it contains. Pastry flour has LESS gluten…think pastry, like tender cookies and magic brownies soft bread. Gluten helps ingredients stick together and gives baked goods a chewy consistency.

Once gluten comes in contact with liquid (and air…while stirring), it starts the binding process. The longer you stir, the stronger that bond becomes. That is why you see recipes that state not to over-stir your batter…the more you stir, the chewier and denser the end result will be!

A few months ago I made the change from whole wheat flour to oat flour. I’ll be honest, the main reason I switched was so that I could get MORE bang for my {caloric} buck…
ya know, in case I got the munchies later!

1/4 cup oats = 73 calories

1/4 cup whole wheat flour = 102 calories

THEN I realized the other benefit…

While whole wheat flour (or whole wheat pastry) tends to weigh a bit more, freshly ground oat flour, is a bit lighter. And when your flour is lighter your pancakes are FLUFFIER, think air and clouds and rainbows!

Same thing goes for my other go-to flour…

Buckwheat Groats & Flour

Made from buckwheat!


Aww, aren’t they cute?

Little nuggets of gluten-free goodness! Wait, I think I hear them singing Bob Dylan! 😉

Of course there are PLENTY of other gluten-free flours out there to choose from: sorghum, brown rice, millet, quinoa, orrrrr the one that packs a punch…

The leader of the flower patch flour pack…

Peanut Flour

Peanut flour!

With only 110 calories per 1/4 cup serving, not only can this flour boast to be gluten-free, but it also gives you 15 GRAMS of all-natural protein!

The absorbency is similar to regular flour so, unlike when working with protein powders (a confession for another day), you don’t have to worry about tweaking ingredients to be sure you don’t end up with a pancake that resembles (and tastes like) a frisbee! 😉

And of course the obvious perk…it tastes like PEANUT BUTTER!!

Just remember one thing about working with gluten-free flours:
Since there is NO GLUTEN, the ingredients have nothing to bind them together so, in order for you to keep your pancake batter from forming a pancake LAKE in your skillet, throw in a pinch (about 1/8 teaspoon) of a thickener ingredient such as xanthan gum, or cornstarch and problem solved!

Or you can add a little seeeeeecret (like a spy in ‘Nam) ingredient that will not only give fluff to your stack, but also give them the consistency of….CAKE!

The illustrious tambourine-playing, headband-wearing, peace-keeping

Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour!

If you’re looking to add thickness, and CAKE-like consistency to your stack, all you need is ONE tablespoon but keep in mind that if you are using more than that, alterations will need to be made.

Coconut flour is EXTREMELY absorbable. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Flour ComparisonThe photo on the left is one teaspoon of WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR mixed with one teaspoon of water. The photo on the right is one teaspoon of
COCONUT FLOUR mixed with one teaspoon of water.

Coconut flour requires a higher liquid to dry ingredient ratio usually made from some sort of milk and eggs. Honestly, even though I’ve been working with this flour for months now, I still run into problems every once in a while…add too much milk and you end up with coconut flour sauce…add too many eggs/egg whites and you’re eating a sponge.

And now…a “true” confession if you will…

Coconutty Protein Pancakes

Remember these guys?

Well, after a reader contacted me a few weeks ago telling me she had problems with my recipe, I took off my bra decided to test it out myself and THIS is what happened:

Coconut Pancake Fail


So needless to say, once my knee is finished healing and I’m back to my pancake flippin’ ways, I have a mission to accomplish…figure out what the h– RAINBOWS I forgot to write down in the original recipe!

What was your latest kitchen fail?

What’s your hippie name?
Mine is “Heart Holder”! 😆

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