Cookie Withdraw

Every Saturday morning, at approximately 8:00am, the farmer’s market opens to the citizens of Clarksville.

And every Saturday morning, at approximately 8:01, I am standing in front of
Nerdy Birdy Cookie Company
with a 5 dollar bill* burning a hole in my pocket.

*One for $2 or 3 for $5…yeah, doesn’t take much time to make up your mind on that one! 😉

But alas, today the market was closed due to some downtown festival (which is sooooooo not as much fun as sinking your teeth into delicious homemade cookies)!

Since I’ve been going through a bit of cookie withdraw today, I decided to make it even worse and drool all over my computer while reliving the past couple of months…

I’ve done a review of some of Sara’s homemade grain-free, all-natural cookies before, but THAT was at the beginning of the summer…

So far this season, this woman managed to debut a brand new cookie flavor each and every week…all from her own kitchen!

Just when I thought she had totally out done herself with the butter-pecan-shortbread-cookie-of-my-dreams (yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the correct name), a week later I get smacked upside the face…with a snickerdoodle!

But not just ANY snickerdoodle…

A Snickerdoodle BLONDIE!

Heaven on Earth ensued…

See that look in my eyes?

All-natural cookie high baby!

Soft, crumbly, cinnamon-y, and perrrrrrrrfectly sweet…

Who says a cookie can’t be part of a well balanced breakfast?

Then there was the Key Lime Pie

Made with a graham cracker “crust” and homemade key lime curd.

For someone who doesn’t really like key lime, this flavor was surprisingly delicicous!

But still, maybe fruit’s not really your thing and all you can think of when it comes to cookies, is CHOCOLATE

Thin Nerdy Mint anyone?

Spot on flavor that will have you knocking down Girl Scouts to get to…she now makes them completely dipped in chocolate and a bit smaller so you don’t end up with glass to cookie ratio problems…

Sad day.

A holy cookie trinity.

The pink is a recreation of the Lemon Shortbread only with “lemonade” icing on top!

As for the other two…the Banana Walnut and the Chocolate Almond Biscotti?

The were destined for greatness coffee greatness!

And later, even more GREATNESS in my bowl of egg white oats!

Best biscotti ever…crunchy, but not TOO crunchy, riddled with almonds and and coated in chocolate…you’d NEVER even know it’s gluten-free!

So just when I’m thinking I’m about to be converted to a biscotti lover…Sara has to go and make my head spin!

Is it cake? Is it cookie? Is it pie? Who cares, it’s DELICIOUS!

This my friends is a Cheesecake Square…better known as the treat that makes you weak in the knees…

Crumbly graham cracker crust, ooey gooey soft and creamy cheesecake topping…oh yeah, there it goes…I can’t feel my legs!

Then there was the Apricot Macaroon

I like coconut, but I’ve never been a HUGE fan of macaroons…that being said, I could BATHE in the homemade apricot preserve topping! I may or may not have turned the cookie over and licked every last bit of that stuff off.

Ok, you got me…I totally did! 😉

But still, maybe fruit’s not really your thing and all you can think of when it comes to cookies, is CHOCOLATE

Maybe with a bit of all-natural refined sugar free CARAMEL?!

Bites of chocolate around a swirl of caramel with just a slight salty hint…there’s no wonder the Turtle Birdy has become so much of a crowd pleaser! It’s now RARE for Sara to keep it in stock at the market for more than an hour!

I know what some of you are saying…

There can’t possibly be any more flavors out there…this Birdy lady has gone coo-coo!

But that’s because you haven’t tasted the MAC DADDY of all the Birdy Cookies…

If the Nerdy Mint caused Girl Scouts around the nation to fall to their knees, then people are gonna KILL to get Samoa of these!

Note: I have it on good authority that no Girl Scouts were harmed in the making of these cookies.

But there may have been a few broken hearts!

Tastes like it came straight from the package…only bigger, better, and have I mentioned there’s absolutely NO REFINED SWEETENERS?


Yeah, you won’t find any of THAT crap in these!

But if all the cookies, bars, and blondies don’t win you over, maybe these will:

Nerdy Cakes!

You guys already know what Heaven ensued after the softest, fluffiest, perfect-est chocolate cupcake and I met, and now there is a flavor to stand opposite of that, but it’s not a standard vanilla…oh no…this one is vanilla CHAI!

A little on the too sweet side for me, but FILLED with chai spicy goodness that I’m sure would go perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea!

So to all my locals out there…have you spotted your next favorite cookie? Well, good news because the Downtown Market will resume normal business hours next week and continue every week until October 20! To ensure you’re cookie’s presence, be sure to pre-order using Nerdy Birdy Cookie Company’s Facebook page…last week, they were completely sold out in ONE HOUR!

As of yet, there are STILL some hurdles to jump over before out of state shipping is approved…ugh, gotta love working with the FDA…but I PROMISE to keep all you non marshmallow peeps* posted on the status!

*Yeah, I totally stole that one from you Sara! 😉

If you could create ANY cookie, what would it have in it?

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