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I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by all the comments on yesterday’s Pumpkin Cake! You guys are the best!

But I’m telling you, I may just have a hard time making pancakes this coming
Pancake Sunday because for the last three days, all I’ve wanted is this cake!

Original, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla

For the chocolate version I made yesterday, I just added in a 1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder and a few chocolate chips into the batter. The vanilla one I made this morning subbing in 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (30g) plus 1 tablespoon of coconut flour. It came out a bit more crumbly in texture (next time, I’ll omit the milk from the recipe) but it was definitely JUST as delicious as the others!

But I wasn’t the only one swooning over my breakfast this morning…

Both Allie and Rebekah (my number one fan and loyal blog reader) couldn’t wait to get in on the pumpkin cake action either!

Honestly, I STILL can’t get over how well the first one came out on the FIRST try. I was listening to one of my favorite talk shows on the radio while I was driving home from work and they started talking about muffins with streusel topping (which the guy kept referring to as “crumblies”…not to be confused with Sarah’s patented crumblies, but still delicious!)

Anywho, next thing I know they’re talking about fall…and fall treats…and pumpkin pie…and how omg, wouldn’t it be incredible to have pumpkin pie topped with crumblies?!

Get on that Sarah! 😉

Microwave cakes can be difficult…all it takes is one missing ingredient and you end up gnawing on something that much more resembles a rubber tire or sponge than a cake or muffin.

It wasn’t until recently, that a few ladies helped me see otherwise:

Laura’s Chocolate Protein Cake

Lauren’s Lemon Blueberry Protein Muffin

Meg’s Lemon Coconut Microwave Cake

Sarena’s Blueberry Protein Microwave Cake

Obviously, I went with raspberries!

Each and every one delicious in their own way, but the one that most recently stole the show…for taste, texture, fillability, AND photo quality?

Sarena’s Vanilla Protein Microwave Cake

Made with Vega’s Vanilla Chai protein powder and topped with fresh figs, cinnamon…

And drizzled with raw honey!

Seriously guys, AFTER you make my pumpkin cake, you really should try this! 😉

And in case you’re wondering, I use of peanut flour (and I purchase it from that website)…yes, it’s worth it…don’t even bother asking! Peanut flour has been one of my TOP kitchen staples for almost two years now! Endless possibilities!

Have you ever tried a microwave cake?

What are your top 5 kitchen staples (excluding fruits/veggies)…aka,
things that if you ran out of, you would lose your mind?

peanut flour, coconut flour, nutritional yeast, cottage cheese, nut butter

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