Funky Friday & a Giveaway Winner!

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great end to the week and are gearing up for a fantastic weekend!

I’m gonna be honest with you guys…

I’m in a funk.

We’ve been short-staffed at the hospital for weeks now and I’ve been going in early to help out. That means 11-12 hour shifts on most days.

I need a break.

Originally I had taken off this weekend to go to the Foodbuzz festival…until I realized that it was gonna cost me about $700+ for the plane ticket there and back…

I’d rather save my money for Blend 2013! 😀

But I’m not wasting that vacation time…oh no! I just happened to have a friend suggest last week that I come for a visit soon…and well? there’s no time like the present!

St. Louis, here I come!

I’ll be back Monday (hopefully) with a TON of pictures! 😀

But before I hit the road, there’s one little matter of business to attend to…

The Tropical Traditions giveaway winner!

Congratulations Nikki! 

Just send me a quick email with your shipping info and your jar of raw honey will be on it’s way to sweeten up your day! 😉

Thank you SO much to everybody who entered!

What are you’re plans for this weekend?

Have you ever gone on a spur-of-the-moment trip?

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