Recent Realizations

I can be pretty oblivious at times.

I mean, I seriously must walk around in my own little bubble sometimes. Then one day, I just wake up and I’m like WHOA! Here, allow me to share a few examples…

Vacation Suitcase

My suitcase is NOT going to unpack itself.

And much to my dismay, there is also no secret housekeeping staff to make my bed, clean my bathroom, and magically replace dirty dishes with clean ones. I’m seriously thinking of writing to my senator.


Ocean water makes your hair grow a FOOT in a week.

Or maybe I just haven’t straightened it in over two months and didn’t notice…eh, tomayyyto…tomahhhto! 😉


Tiger will ALWAYS greet me in the morning when I get off work.

Unless of course I accidentally shut him up in my bedroom for twelve hours! Then the only greeting I get is a pile of “surprise” in my bathroom floor…which I found with my foot…my SOCK FOOT! Kitty-vengeance is cruel, people! Let that be a lesson to ya!

Popcorn Trail Mix Nuts

I will NEVER get out of a store with only the items I went in for.

I went to Sam’s the other day for raspberries and cocoa powder. I got the raspberries…then I found THESE devilish goodies (AND two things of cheese!)…then I RAN out of the store before I could do any more damage. I realized TODAY I forgot the damn cocoa powder!

Quest Bars

First impressions aren’t ALWAYS correct.

I officially take back all the nasty things I said back in November about the following flavors: Strawberry Cheesecake, Cinnamon Roll, Apple Pie, and Peanut Butter & Jelly. It SEEMS that Quest isn’t the best (haha, made a rhyme!) with flavor consistency in their bars which is why I was so bummed when I got ones that were practically TASTELESS in my box to review. BUT I’ve discovered a trick…if the bars are suuuuuper soft, they taste a MILLION times better!

Florida Sunset

Gorgeous beach sunsets can be VERY distracting.

I guess while I was gazing at all those beautiful colors while listening to the steady sound of crashing waves against the shore, I failed to notice what TIME the sun was going down….7:30?! Nooooo!


We’re down to the FINAL weeks of fresh summer produce!

I may or may not (ok, obviously I did since there is photo evidence) went a little overboard at the farmer’s market last weekend, but I couldn’t help myself…I got a little panicky once I realized that I’m about to have to go MONTHS without fresh corn, mouth-watering peaches, and perfectly ripe TOMATOES!!


And speaking of tomatoes…behold the man-friend’s bountiful garden haul! Yeah, I think I just realized that I should probably go make some salsa! 😉

How about you? Have you noticed anything “new” lately? Like umm, maybe the fact that I got a new header?!
I followed the tutorial over at Mama Whimsy and made it ALL by myself!
Thanks so much for the tip, Amanda! 😀

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